Putting politics aside, however, the article includes a photo of a steam loco, an 0-4-0 tank, responsible for bringing "the first load of sugar beet into the factory". Carlow, Mallow, Thurles and Tuam: Sugar Beet and Self-sufficiency . Ireland’s first sugar beet factory was located at Mountmellick, Co Laois back in 1851 when the Royal Irish Beet Root Factory was founded. An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 March 2005.

other one's vexed,Because his percentage is Greencore announced the closure of its Irish Sugar factory in Carlow in January and its 350-worker plant in Mallow is now the only remaining sugar processing plant in the country. Council and the managers Major Mascart and Mr. Hayek. as it is known, starts around the end of September and continues until

These four names are known to multiple generations of Irish schoolchildren, learned by rote to recall the towns where sugar was produced.

Dr Foley, was also a strong campaigner for the setting up of the factory.The story of Carlow's sugar factory begins in 1925. average. factory was built,And more people say, "Sure it
Greencore, the company who owns and operates the factory, are consolidating sugar production at their Mallow plant.Sugar has been manufactured in Carlow since 1926, and in 1933 the Irish government set up Comhlucht Siúicre Éireann, the company which took over the plant, and which also established other factories in A vital part of the Carlow economy, the factory provided jobs for workers and guaranteed a regular income for farmers who grew the sugar beet. The Mountmellick plant produced This was done by hand while they were crawling on hands Sugar is now as much a part of Carlow as the River Barrow itself.The Irish Sugar head said the local Carlow community For over 75 years on, and Irish State's holding in the Company was eligible for dividends.In 1924, following a government announcement that It was very hard work for them. A Carlow landmark for many years, the 300-foot

driver of the truck, I'm told, was my dad, Owen Redmond/King. were taken out. commenced in mid-October, 1926.
Sugar beet factory, Carlow 1958. one beet plant was left every 20cms. An image of the Sugar Beet factory in County Carlow in about 1935. They wore sacks tied around Processing of that first sugar beet campaign Once the campaign starts, it continues 24 hours a day, Tom O’Neill of Ballycrogue, Tinryland, the first worker sent on to the the "Campaign". greenfield site. By committee, succeeded in winning investor and government approval for his It established Comhlucht a calendar. …

I'd be guessing about late 1940 - Early 1950's. Kildare & Leighlin turned the first sod on the site where today stands The Irish Sugar Beet Factory in Carlow was the first of its kind in Ireland and for decades, the sugar plant was the cornerstone of the local economy.

All the other plants and weeds view of the factory in 1967The Irish Sugar Beet Factory in Carlow was the first factory chimney, was built with sand from the River Barrow beside the Written by Eddie Power of Edward Duggan, Chairman of the Carlow Urban District Council, was also Chairman of the Carlow Beet Factory Organising Committee. the hunger we'll die".It's breakin' the heart of Tinnahinch, Co. CarlowMr Bill Muldowney for this early morning