They are bored with the same theme that’s been done year after year. I researched every month and found many “National __ Day” celebrations.

For additional advice, check out our resource on Potlucks are great ways to get the whole neighborhood or all your friends involved in the party planning. Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas. Best of all, doing crafts with your kids is a great way to get the entire family together and have some fun! Include rating cards and a delicious to make sure your guests never want to leave. Turn on your flashlight, click. We want this years camp to have a vacation theme, with different places the kids would “travel” to. … Read more...Shells, critters, sand and memories these summer beach themed crafts for kids are fun to dive into this year to get creative on those long hot summer days. You can do that anywhere. Let the kids color or paint the paper plate brown or you could let them glue sunflower seeds all over the plate. We love having ladybug picnics and Water parties-when the summer is hot but you’re bored in the house, it’s a great time to toss out the sprinkler or the slip and slide and have some fun. However, one shouldn't forget that summer camps must also be made interesting with innovative ideas. In fact most of the ideas that I give on each Theme of the Day are not craft related. Your summer party invite sets the tone for guests and gives them an idea of what to expect.

Cloudy art-Give each child a piece of dark blue construction paper.
Let them draw something on their paper with the juice and after it’s dry, put them in a 350-degree oven until the writing magically appears.Parts of a flower science-learning the parts of a flower is a great lesson that teaches kids more about how plants grow.

So anything to do with boomerangs, kangaroos, sharks, surfing, Aussie foods, etc, would be fine. We are going to do this in summer (Philippine summer, very hot) and our venue would be a sports complex. Do you have a curriculum for that?? Shadowplay with flashlights on the wall is so much fun too.Use cut out bugs, suns, whatever summer type cut out you have access too. Preparing two to three games can liven up your summer celebration and break the ice. Consider using a variety of colorful garlands, paper flowers, cactus plants, piñatas and Mexican serape table runners for your decor.

Kids can take the petals apart and see how intricate the flower is, how the seeds are produced there, how colorful the flower is and so much more.Lemonade-the science of turning something sour into a pleasant drink with something sweet is a great lesson.
From a light Chardonnay to a sparkling rosé to a summer friendly pinot noir, this party lets you explore all your favorite warm weather flavors. Summer Theme Focusing on summer as a whole season is another great theme option! Use real fruit juice or pureed fruit. THIS list, however, is meant to give you ideas for theme days. Repeat the sequence in reverse quickly and dramatically slapping your legs for running in between each verse.A fuzzy caterpillar, (Make wiggly finger caterpillar)Was climbing up a tree, he wiggled short, he wiggled long, he wiggled back at me.I put him in a box, don’t go away I said, but when I opened up the box……Picnics-having a picnic outside or even inside if it’s far too hot or rainy to go out is so much fun for kids. It was a nice break from the whole week theme ideas. Can you tell me a little bit more about the No-theme camp and what I could do for that?

I worked as a program director for several summers and one of my favorite units to do was M.A.D. Campfires are probably my favorite part of camp, however, there were times when the weather would not allow us to be outside and we would have to do our campfire program inside (where we did not have a fireplace).

I have several six-week curriculums developed.

Summer ice cream parties are a great excuse, not only to eat lots of ice cream but to make use of lots of colors. People get excited to see that “their” theme is being used for camp and almost always come running back with more ideas to make it the BEST theme of the season.Hope this inspires some to get creative… if you need activity ideas etc for these feel free to ask! Again, having kids learn and perform skits and songs cost nothing. Any theme suggestions? If so, let us know where.Help, I am running out of ideas. I may use a few of yours, if that’s okay with you.I am interested in any education curriculum mostly for math, reading and science grades k-6 that can be used over the summer in summer camps.Do you have any suggestions.Sorry Serah, educational programs are not my forte. What do you think is a good activity to do for a vacation themed day?I have been checking here for several years, and I appreciate not only the website, but the input and ideas from everybody else! I am interested to have look at the Kriyative Kidz sample manual.I love your 100 ideas for summer camp but only some are highlighted and decribed in more detail. Powered by WordPress.

it’s like a giant brain storming session and we always come up with new and exciting themes… everyone has to bring their own ideas for a theme, a motivation why we should do the theme and what kinds of activities etc could we do with that theme.