Summoners War is a game inspired by Final Fantasy, and it’s enjoyable because it offers a lot of interesting characters. People are just queuing into the game and then afking, dragging out each match that can be completed in less than 1/2 the time spent. You know every spender comes to point there isint much to gain or need, since you got prety much everything you need, even if not all dream stuff. Now when we run out of energy, we need to first click “Yes” to join back the same party, then realise no remaining energy and need to click “Yes to refill” then click on energy, then confirm refill, then go back to click “Yes” again to join back the same party.Please streamline this unnecessary process of clicking and time wasting not just here, but everywhere else as well - “Yes” to immediately restart and go out to the same party.
Download rate?

First require everyone do WB once a week to start a ranking battle.

First the issue of not rewarding players for staying in their rank.

As it gets worse strong players will have a hard time even getting C1.Although I do like RTA, at least the idea of it. Note that: Season 1 - 550k Players (Plus event to make people do placements) Season 2 - 320k Season 3 - 290k Season 4 - 240k So that is a 42% drop from season 1 to Season 2 which shows the more natural RTA interest when there was no event to force people to start. (Talking about PvE) Or to induce frustration in clearing ToaH - fail provoke / ATB reset / etc - then proceeds to fail and flip table and throws phone out of the window? +1 for clickbait title lol Trial of Ascension (ToA) is PvE content in Summoners War that is unlocked at lvl 15 - there are two difficulties, ToA Normal (ToAN) and ToA Hard (ToAH). Über den Button "Öffnen" starten Sie "Summoners War: Sky Arena". Almost nobody is willing to pay 1m to craft 20 runes and get only 1 good, or maybe none.Maybe if the price were 10k per rune more people would be able to benefit from it. But this season I played a lot less.
But honestly, it feels fucking bad to use a weaker box to fight a stronger box. RTA can and should use a different rating from weekly Arena, and could possibly look at “copying” the structure of LoL/Dota tier levels as a start. Ppl are finishing homo just within a week after updates, so it will be hard to satisfy their need on new content if you can finished it within days. Perhaps it isn't dying, but it could really improve in some aspects. Maybe it's 'cause in Korea there is new game appeared, similar to SW. In US maybe not XD CLICKBAIT! Yeah, I still look at that trying to figure out what it's supposed to be lol. Such as the rifts, used for one purpose then they're useless.

Events. sw got end of road aswell.

DefaultStyle Also the price to craft a rune should be free or at least accessible. (III) Secret dungeons - Not asking for a spoon feed, however for a new account, it can be frustrating to get that Vero/Sig fusion. sw got end of road aswell. Such as the rifts, used for one purpose then they're useless.

Look at the current king of the hills matches, some of them are not even won convincingly, just by pure luck because player A violent proc 100 more times than player B.Arena: Just when you thought that ritesh in AD vio procs enough out of your def break and heals himself every turn or the theo/perna just vio procs your whole team to death without you getting a single chance to do anything at all.4. If you cannot find a specific monster, use th All times are GMT-8. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I mean you can replace 2 or 6 with hp% runes, but that just gimps him...I actually use hp% on 4 and he's still doing good not 'great' but satisfying enough dmg wise :)New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castSubreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. SUMMONERS WAR 2020 NEUER CINEMATIC ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Time To Rise - CREDIT - Künstler: Elaine Musikdirektor : Chung Chaewoong Komponist : Chung Chaewoong , Elaine Songtext : Elaine Arrangement : Chung Chaewoong Weiteres : Jung Jae Wook Toningeneur : Moon Il O Mixing/Mastering-Ingeneur : Kang Hyomin Mix&Aufnahme im Brickwall Studio [Hinweise zur Benutzung der Bibliothek] … Still dying? I don't think it's dying at all. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe.Press J to jump to the feed. No, it's just that nobody plays rta because that's the least enjoyable part of the gameLess people playing RTA since they realize it's impossible to compete for anyone early/midgame.I just do RTA for transmog stone. lol April 30, 2020. Each tab lists the different element monsters. You will see magic, bella >> chasun in giant run. 5.3k . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Not much active people. So they spent time developing these things for nothing as soon as your homo is done. "Summoners War: Sky Arena" am PC. I don't think it will be anytime soon though.... not dying, just old players quitting and new players joining So they spent time developing these things for nothing as soon as your homo is done. Source? A random made up comment... but it doesn't sound good... XD Then sure, since there're so many bugs with "you should uninstall app, then re-install to solve problem" as suggestion. old huge spenders got nothing to spend for lol ( and they stoped spending most likely ages ago), new are comming end of story. But the best thing of Amarna is the third skill: this skill is unique in Summoners War's gameplay (as of Semptember 2017): it'a a all allies cleanse plus heal and revive in a single skill. This page was generated at 09:17 AM.

I don't think it's dying at all. I mean, the idea to craft the rune that you want is good, but the price is not. Download rate?