Firestar has a unique combat style under its practical design and retro look. ! Without a past, all she has is the future.

Create a front cone-area Photon Shield to block enemy fire, but allows own shots to pass through. SuperMega.

No one knows the origin of Gabriel.

The boosters on its back and legs provide great mobility, while the giant sword it wields both deals huge damage and controls a battle. His sleeping targets tend to find a blindfold over their eyes when they awake... Ain't that neat? too, for its spread shot has put many enemies holding that belief to eternal rest. Transform into sphere form that immolates when reaching certain speed, then collides and sets enemies on fire. 7.4K likes. Engage all propulsions for a short-distance rush.

Amass the energy for Arthur to launch 3 charging slashes for significant damage. It's not hard to guess from its appearance that it belongs to a lady. Fire Chainhook to pull self to the hook's location. Spoiled bratty girl who, after getting bored with other toys, is now enamored with a huge "doll" like Mecha. Fire high-energy arrows to deal explosive damage in a small area. Heavy double-barrel machine gun that plunges ammo like a rainstorm. A stalwart of frontal assault, Hotsteel turns into a frenzy, overrunning opponent when caught up in a melee, dealing powerful charges and delivering the lethal combo of shrapnels and Shockwave. Hold to spend turbojet to push Hotsteel to a higher altitude. Activate to significantly increase Movement Speed and High Jump for a duration. Fire 2 photon beams with electropulse technology to deal damage.

Both her and Firestar's creed is to crush all injustice. Activate Overheat Mode to burn energy and increase Movement Speed and Fire Rate significantly.
It forsakes propulsions that would expose its presence, in favor of traversing the battle silently with a grappling chainhook. The salient highlight is the wings that enable the Mecha to maneuver freely through battle.
Use backside propulsion to perform short-distance tactical advance. #VerdadesOcultas / Carlos Díaz y Francisca Gavilán nos entregan detalles de … Initiates High-Speed Charge Form to rip across the sky. Tap “Jump” again while in air to glide for a short duration. It is now open to pre-registration, and the number of pre-registered players has reached 150,000! Former Ace Mecha Pilot and senior operative whose career came to a screeching halt when he suddenly became wanted 8 years ago. Set up Photon Turrets on the ground that auto-attack the nearest target.

Ivan was a champ in underground Mecha fighting but has been missing for a long time, and there are rumors of him having a daughter who's been missing for years. A rebellious girl who grew up in the streets. Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. There are three small Photon Turrets on its back that, when properly positioned, will teach enemies how it got its name. Double-barrel forward-firing aircraft gun. Andromeda is a personal Mecha upgraded from a mass-produced model, designed to complement its pilot with feminine aesthetics.

Firefox, heavily modified and reborn, symbolizes resilience and the never-say-die spirit. Tap to jump, then tap in midair to initiate Levitation Form for aerial advantage. Jump and reduce leaping speed using shoulder altimeter when performing Charged Shot to snipe enemies in air.

Fire five-arrow shots three times spread on the same plane in facing direction.

Originally a mainstay in the war era, Doomlight has undergone various unique refits in mercenary hands. Fire 5 circling large-caliber shells. While it resembles a cute teddy bear, underestimating it will likely earn you the wrath of its bombardment upon transformation. The double Gatling MG and shoulder missiles appear simple but pack quite a punch.