Autobahnen.CH the page about the Swiss motorways. Shortly before the border the last couple of rest areas with fuel will have the distinctive sign outside and big Vignette signs easily visible. It also offers a high quality of life standard, especially in Geneva and Zürich.

Obviously, you won’t know the registration number in advance to enable you to buy the digital vignette … Other national landmarks are The Matterhorn Mountain, the Top of Europe building at Jungfraujoch and The Rhine Falls.If you not change browser settings, you agree to it. Please be reminded that the police enforce the vignette on a regular basis.

Do I need a vignette? In my experience, for all vignette qualifying roads, there is a camera about 100 feet after crossing the border into Switzerland. Well I've worked out that is you are entering Switzerland from the north on the E35, that is actually the German A5 crossing at Weil am Rhine, Germany, one of the busiest crossings anywhere. By contrast to the UK it is free via regular post, although there is a processing fee over the normal 40 CHF.There is a major rest area/truck stop/border post some 400m before the actual border. If you use the Swiss motorways, even if it's only for a short stretch, you need a vignette. One of the nations in Central Europe is Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra), a mountainous country across the north and south sides of the Alps, famous for its ski resorts, as St. Moritz, hiking trails, Swiss watches and chocolate.Its climate is generally temperate, with rainy, cold/snowy winters, and warm, humid summers, but it may vary greatly with altitude and … A Swiss motorway vignette is required to use the national motorways. When you actually cross the border, as you say, it is a non-event.If you are talking about the southern entry from the Italian A9 autostrada north of Milano, the crossing is at Chiasso, and similar arrangements apply, except the winding around is even more complex and erratic. In addition, a valid vignette must be bought immediately. It's a sticker you need to apply on the inside of the windshield of your car. In addition to motorcycles and cars up to 3.5t is to be valid sticker also mark the trailer / caravan. I will be entering Switzerland on the E35 and from the Google street view there doesn't appear to be any sort of a 'border crossing' and no obvious exit with a gas station - it actually looks like the highway goes into a tunnel before there is an exitI'm guessing if I want to avoid the 200 sFr fine for not having a vignette I will need to get one as soon as I can so my question is: Has anyone driven into Switzerland on the E35 and do you remember the first exit that might have a gas station?OK, since I don't think in E roads (European through routes) but think in terms of Cantons and Autobahns and cities, where are you talking about, please?You'll need to purchase the vignette and properly attach it BEFORE you enter Switzerland. I myself have done it couple times.Now a friendly reminder: E-numbers are not routinely in practice except in Belgium. Re: speed camera and vignette I think it is because Germany and Switzerland have probably agreed to share drivers data - like France. In Switzerland it is necessary when passing highway and some road sections provide car vignette. The price is CHF 40. One of the nations in Central Europe is Switzerland (As one of the world’s most developed countries, with finance and banking being key industries, Switzerland supports government transparency and civil liberties. And since I don't want to sound like an ugly tourist - no more E numbers for me :-)Nigel - yes sir, I will be heading south on the A5 into Switzerland at Basel, unfortunately it appears that Google Street View is not used in Germany, but the overhead view shows what you described so well so I now understand what to do.

While Austrian rental cars generally come with a valid vignette, you’ll have to buy one for your rental car if you’re entering from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or elsewhere. So go with the national road numbers instead. Although Zürich is the largest and most famous city, Bern is the actual capital, where you can visit the Zytglogge clock tower.