Things have been progressing so well and I really like that there's a fairly well laid out plan on the road to release!I'm glad that you're getting community feedback and it's not only motivating the development, but also improving what is already a very great title.That being said, great efforts so far, best of luck in your beta next year and I will be looking forward to this title's full release!Glad you are making such progress. One minor suggestion, you might want to get someone to rewrite the English store page.To rewrite the store page ? Jump? A few issues that i want to know if they could be addressed in the future I'd rather see more effort spent on procedural systems than deep narrative/dialogue options. It would especially be hindering mid battle. I've done my best to chase all the possible bugs but there might still be some hidden somewhere. © Valve Corporation. If you want to contribute and propose ideas, feel free to come to the Discord server here : Blended physics and animation on body hits, based on swing force and direction if you hit a leg, you will see the leg move accordingly to the hit direction and blend back to the animation.Instant ragdoll death when hitting an enemy down on the ground (execution)Ragdoll for mounted cavalry : Cavs wil now be able to fall from their horses and be able to get up and unsheat a claymore to continue to fight.Brand new high quality NPC Model PBR enabled with new colors and custom outfits.Procedural faces, hairs , beards, and height for all soldiers.Addition of a new feature for one on one combat called dynamic response : light infantry, heavy knight and skirmishers will try in certain conditions to actively block your swings (see the gif below for illustration) When a cav die, his horse might run away and stop some meters away, being mountable for you.Horses will now have differents colors for skin , mane and tail.Now only blade weapons can dismember NPCS (and obviously not daggers).Blunt weapons will not be able to dismember but will have a bonus for knocking down opponents / making their shields fall so you can finish them on ground.3 weapons rewied with better models : heavy hammer, double axe and dane axe.New behavior for the "Follow" order. I expect that's probably not trivial to add in either though, is it? Giveway starting in 1H on discord March 23, 2019. Thank you all for your help. Tales of Glory campaign - Beta on March 24th + Giveaway on March 23rd March 17, 2019.

I tried the tutorial, but didn't see anything that said anything about voice commands. (imo)Some form of modding/workshop support WOULD be a good idea though! Tales of Glory is really great loving the procedural characters really adds diversity and realism, you feel like you are fighting different enemies as there is now a lot of variety.It would be nice to have to fight against or fight female warriors too .it would amazing to have a SDK so that the community could contribute too adding all kinds of new thingsI won't answer point by point but i'm writing down all this ;)Haha, I'd love all those things too, but it's just one guy! Not sure if that's possible. Lead your troops to Victory Write your own destiny and lead your troops to victory in ultra immersive and epic medieval battles. I've made a lot of mistake ?New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castDiscussing Virtual Reality Experiences and VR technology. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Tales Of Glory Update March 10, 2019 This is Tales Of Glory, a VR-Only RoomScale game compatible with Vive & Occulus Rift + Touch E.g. Playing w/ original vive controller. Is there any kind of guide/tutorial/Youtube Video that explains how to use Voice Commands? Tales Of Glory - This is WAR - Combat showcase March 10, 2019.

/**** GUIDE STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS ***/ This guide will give you all the elements you need to know to perform in Tales Of Glory campaign “War of The Five” + Tales of Glory + The Mount & Blade VR Game + Early Access REVIEW + + Tales Of Glory + TRAILER + Closed Alpha Story Mode + Mount & Blade Meets Skyrim + Straight up guide for those who are digging for some useful info. I ticked the box that allows for Voice Commands. Will the demo reflect these changes?definitely. I haven’t picked it up yet because i don’t have a ton of time to play so generally don’t play games too early in their development but it looks like you at making great progress. Anyway to hold the weapon with one squeeze and drop with a squeeze or similar?

Tales Of Glory Campaign is now availlable in Beta March 24, 2019.

All rights reserved. Can I use horse in campaign battles? It's doable but balancing that with the thumb track pads etc makes it annoying. I find commanding the troops with holding up or down on analog stick while holding trigger, maneuvering the menu, and trigger release to just feel very wonky and not intuitive. Please get back to me if you experience any crashesFinish campaign engine + rpg quest integration by the end of decemberI am so glad that I bought into this for Early Access. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Tales of Glory is really great loving the procedural characters really adds diversity and realism, you feel like you are fighting different enemies as there is now a lot of variety. Troops following you will now act as bodyguard. This update is definitely the biggest i've made so far and introduce some heavy gameplay change on the game Core. Tales Of Glory. (isn't it?) Tales Of Glory is setting a new standard for medieval melee fights, bringing best of both worlds by combining large scale battles and full physics one vs many combat, everything packed into a 30+ hours sandbox campaign