Thank you for being above it Why not just accept that not everyone loved this show? Before, she used $1 million to buy SH to be her “assistant” then lover. It could have been her way of saying “I don’t need them since I have SH” or “You need them since you’re single again” or maybe it really was just that she ordered them but HJ bought them. She’s very gracious to them, and we hear this tiny voice call from the back of them “Mommy.” Then HJ’s new husband and child join the group. She tries to tell him to stop drinking and form a new vision for Ajin Group so he can get back to work but he just tells her to leave.

I don’t think he would like it knowing that that’s who SH is with regardless.I truly get the impression that the writer changed the story and that’s why this drama seems so very incomplete.Again, I appreciate you watching it because I couldn’t bring myself to do it.I wanted to watch this drama after it ended airing, but note anymore“They meet at the hotel in Hong Kong and trade barbs regarding the rumors that Se Young is ill. For SH’s punishment, we’re allowed to glimpse at how SY screeched at him when she stressed, and that’s for sure what he has to live with as SY’s cancer getting worse.

Regardless if you think your morals are intact, but ones temptation is staring at you, I sure pray I am strong enough to look away. ), I wanted to see what we all watch revenge/melo/makjang dramas for. You and all the commenters in our supporting group already list all the WTF-ary plots and all the disappointed moments. Your reviews are awesome. Why does it feel almost like a trust was broken somehow? Hong Joo talks to a nursing friend regarding a baby being born and also asks how Se Young’s surgery went? This is a “drama” with freedom of having any story line. She jeopardize her marriage by asking for divorce and later on she also suffer because of it. !OMO, are you a secret curser too? What this writer has done was sent the message as plain as day, “If you love someone who is happy simply throw money at his problems and buy him”. but it close to reality now.After reading your fully criticized recap, I think that you are judging this drama solely on you beliefs.

I hope to see many of you here again. Omona, kind of funny to me, the need of making us to stop hating the bad drama. All of the haters blame on Se Young because what she’s doing to Hong Joo, but didn’t Hong Joo realize that herself becoming like Se Young as a mistress by ruining Se Jin marriage and close to Min Woo. Absolutely love your site. Be selfish and to hell with morals! So he’s re-hired.Se Young’s Father learns about the company trouble and plans to go in. *mumbles some not so nice words* Hong Joo honey, make no mistake – this evil bitch just wants to hurt you some more, she’s not done.Seok Hoon takes the tape of Min Woo bribing the official to the newspapers.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And, just like his beloved Brother-in-law, he picked his girlfriend over Hong-joo. But to know he loved someone else was a betrayal so overwhelming she could not bear it. Maybe the story was shifted with they signed on Choi Ji-woo because they original outline I read made it seem as if the wife was the main character. Lol…anyway to most they know just how much i hated temptation…as one of my friends in the other room said the only consulation i get is knowing sy future….whether its with death or no children either way she’ll suffer….i can also use the word boy toy and not get jumped on, but when ever sy dies boy toy needs a new sugar momma.Interesting tidbit…go read dramafevers comments…they’ve only gotten worse! If talking about, Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo’s chemistry is still there, but i like Stairway To Heaven more than this drama.Completely agree, it makes me wish they had never agreed to do this one. You ended your first comment above with “Stop the hate” and “Peace,” so we suggest you follow your own advice. I am not saying suicide is the answer and that is not a route I would take but I understand her choice and to use that as a reason to justify SY & SH is just as illogical as the script by this writer.SY inserted herself in a fragile situation for the purpose of breaking it and people are actually defending her. She again uses her money to hire HJ and shamelessly uses nursing mantra to tie HJ down. Thanks so much for the compliments, I’ve become a fan myself of quite a few readers.

The name itself is temptation. ), the woman he was happily married to up to the moment he abandoned her for SY, and realize the incredible damage he had inflicted on her, acknowledge he had betrayed her and their marriage vows, and apologize and admit he had fallen in love with someone else and fallen out of love with her.I too believe that this writer gave these actors a script with an entirely different story line. His target is 20-years-old and believes people that are swayed by love are pathetic.
All any of us here wanted from this drama, was for SY to admit to HJ, a woman she had grievously harmed, that she had intentionally tried to destroy her marriage to prove she could, and that she now realized that the terrible game she played had unintended and far reaching consequences and that she was wrong. LMAOKeep it nice, GreenTees. Hi School Love on and Surplus Princess/Mermaid-cute and VERY non stressful. I found myself rooting for MW. O_O (I truly couldn’t help myself, I lost it) *hehehe* Thanks for your support and love all the comments.
Tessieroo was viewing this drama as it should been and even the actors portraying them said IF you get into the characters they see a love story…I just seen a sickening perverse lust nothing love. The much anticipated return pair of Kwon and Choi is also the worst in this year.