Nebula is better than picksaw with mining power but no axe Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Wasn't there an option in the config.json for this? 200% pickaxe power. 100 Drill Bullet + 1 Hellstone Bar @ Anvil. Laser Drill 情報 ダメージ ボーナス パワー レアリティ 速度 販売価格. if you want to mine really fast and i mean REALLY fast get a shroomite digging claw then get full mining armor and then get a fast prefix on it and try to make you accesory's have something that adds +meelee speed then there you go a hellavator in 10 seconds Also I asked for the removal of the axe function, but I guess what you said works too. Drill containment unit is the best for digging but for precise digging I prefer the picksaw from the golem. You mean Solar/Nebula/Stardust/Vortex? That applies to all picks, not just the Laser Drill. Drill containment unit is by far the fastest way to do dig in the game. Dig, fight, explore, build! I think it was called "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe" or something. 100 Molten Drill Bullet + 1 Hallowed Bar + 1 Soul of Sight + 1 Soul of Might + 1 Soul of Fright @ Mythril Anvil. All rights reserved. I hate having them, and that forces me to build with chlorophyte tools which have much less range. (e.g Magic Mirror) ... Luminite requires 225% pickaxe power, making it locked behind Luminite Pickaxes and Laser Drill in terms of … Laser Drill (#2798) 1/9 (11.11%) chance of dropping from Martian Saucer 2. 35 射程+11 230% Pickaxe 黄色 24 (Fast) 10
Laser Drill Bullet: 15: Breaks struck tiles. Yesyesyesyes. white Terranion. A majority of non-craftable items now have recipes. The original one was meant to be a ground mount that would use laser drill beams to chop through and slope the land as you drove it. Why did they have to replace the fragment axes and hammers with that blasted hamaxe.Wasn't there an option in the config.json for this? Stupid trees are always taking higher priority then dirt.I just wish combo tools were less prevalent. It does take up your mount slot and is a bit imprecise however. I prefer picks, but I obtained an Alien Drill from my first Martian Invasion and I haven't found anything better since. Sure, I'd love the Drill Containment Unit, but if it doesn't add new blocks to mine, I don't see any point.

When you're digging up some blocks on the surface with it while Smart Cursor is on, you automatically pop every tree nearby. 230% pickaxe power. Vanilla music boxes can be also crafted with certain crafting materials from Terraria and this mod. The Laser Drill has +10 range which may make it preferable for building, but is slower (the +5% power doesnt really make a difference) The Shroomite Digging Claw, while having -1 range is the fastest digging tool in the game, so it may be preferable for digging a hellavator or the like. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.The fact that the Laser Drill can cut trees is really annoying. Is there a better pickaxe out there I'm not aware of? I think it was called "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe" or something. The Laser Drill has a gigahuge range, while the Picksaw has relatively small range.

I understand trying to get new armors and weapons through events and new bosses, but I don't see any point in obtaining a new pickaxe/drill, if all it increases is the speed. © Valve Corporation. Picksaw, any of the Lunar event axes, DCU. 416 votes, 35 comments.
With the Laser Drill, you knock down every single tree nearby while using Smart Cursor before you actually touch the blocks. Complete Terraria pickaxe and drill guide, full list of ALL pickaxes and drills with levels/tiers, speed, how to craft or get each, what is needed to mine every block or ore including Chlorophyte, tips and tricks to skip a few tiers, which ones can also be used as an axe and MORE! Wasn't there an option in the config.json for this? I think it was called "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe" or something. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. JavaScript is disabled. 544k members in the Terraria community. The lunar pickaxe? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It … Hallowed Drill Bullet: 12: Breaks struck tiles.