Towersey Fringe now added to the events listing.I notice that the Towersey Fringe event at Towersey Playing Fields on 30th August isn’t listed under the events section on thame.netI’m sorry about the links problem Eric. It is waste land at the moment so I really don’t understand what the issue is here. They should be removed and I will when I get time. The majority of the Town approved the neighbourhood plan that included developing on The Elms.I’ve lived in Thame for almost 20 years and the first time I saw the Elms Field was when the Shakespeare production was held there last year. It feels like this is a backward step and the opportunity to show off our amazing town will be lost.I fully support saving the children’s centre. I am a secretary at the JR and an amateur owner so to do so well at one of the largest shows in the country against the professionals is quite a feat, but I did have to ask a friend to take her in the ring for me due to my recent slipped disc! An out of Town supermarket which is what the application for Howland Road is will not encourage people to shop in Thame Town Centre it will do exactly the opposite.Tony – there’s in zero benefit to Thame of the people from the surrounding villages coming to use a Tesco store on the bypass. The current proposal of 37 dwellings within 6 acres opening up this private space to all residents and visitors seems like a gain for Thame. I’ll just keep going to Waitrose where I can get free coffee, free newspapers and enjoy their ‘spilling into the car park’ gardening & plants section, without worrying what the “No’s” think of me taking trade from the High St coffee & newspaper retailers or Petals, just 50 yards from the store door. Just use the drop down menu to select a month of events. I have edited the reply. This has nothing to do with them wanting to provide a valued service, new jobs or investment, they just want the revenue that a new store will bring them. I’ve taken the post down for now until we get the all clear.You may have just cost the lad his place on the telly by breaking the BBC embargo. Lambert is totally wrong to continue to maintain that the letter from English Heritage was late or that as presented in the minutes it was received late – 3 weeks after the closing of the public consultation period. Contact them for more information Hello, is Thame having a charity santa run this year?

Taking the micky ! My understanding is that any large festival requires detailed planning and sign off but it feels like it was sadly lacking on this occasion. AND BLOCKING DROPPED KERBS SO ANY BODY WITH A PRAM WHEELCHAIR DISABLES PEOPLE WITH ROLATORW AND WALKING STICKS THEY MAKE IT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT FOR THEM SAME SHOULD APPLY TO THE CAR PARKS IN THAMEHi Cherry, the instructions for how to apply are at the end of the article.

Sun. Just wait until the pound shops start opening!Tesco needed. Thame will not cope with this. …just a quick note that Toni Shelbourne (Animal Tellington TTouch Practitioner and Wolf advocate) has a new book ‘”Among the Wolves” out next month… it’ll be an amazing read if you want to cover it we’re in Thame a lot currently but permanently moving to Thame next year…cannot wait!I have a letter addressed as shown below, dated 1855. All Residents Associations should come together though and jointly oppose this plan to protect the town centre.What next – high rise flats on Oxford road? but I guess there will be diversion signs and access for residents.I am a person, that voted leave at the referendum, but I am so sick and tired, of the way Parliament has acted over the result, I have changed my mind and I think we need to stay.Let’s remember this was started by the Conservative administrationA bit late but, I hope you are enjoying your retirement, Jenny and Norma and thank you for supporting the Christmas Sugarcraft shows I used to organise at the Winter Gardens, Weston-s-Mare, for Bleadon Sugarcraft Club. Nothing he has said, and continues to say is new or of substance.Unfortunately the PCSOs may not have strayed from the Town Centre down towards the Two Brewers end of Wellington St. , the same vehicles most days, on the Double Yellows even in Wellington St & who work in the offices there ! When my next council tax bill arrives, I won’t feel quite so aggrieved about it. That is social engineering!Also his boasting of what socialist have achieved in the past is one sided. From the local retailers point, this year’s venue change also mean less foot traffic or off-the-street customers, so they suffer, too. Can you be more specific please. Best Regards, SonjaContact the town council.

m&s or similar shop to move into sainsburys site. Rest well B. I propose the ‘Tom wood extension’ – May it be larger than life and be the holder of great nights!

The independents such as, Newitts butchers will never struggle, again with loyal customers.The reaction to Waitrose was not as strong as may have been expected, partly because it was being based adjacent to the town centre so would not draw people away from it.