There’s blood on your shirt, but not a scratch on you. A night of fog, a strange accident. He is desperate to restore his reputation and he sees Anna's disappearance as the means to achieve this.A very intriguing and well written crime story with twists and turns that I didn't expect and kept me guessing till the end.For me this book was a lot different from other Thrillers.

He needs a big win desperately. On her way to church in the hazy alpine village of Avechot, the quiet 15-year-old, Anna Lou, daughter of a religious couple, vanishes into thin air, never to return home. When they decide to share with each other the content of every text message, email and phone call they receive, many secrets start to unveil and the equilibrium trembles. His guilt would also make perfect sense. It’s almost as if Carrisi stapled together ideas from decidedly superior movies and exclaimed exultantly: “I’m definitely shooting this.” If you see this film, prepare to either2) deactivate your cognitive skills. Only axes. A thick mist full of vengeful spirits haunts a prosperous island town off the coast of Oregon, as its inhabitants try to learn their town's dark secret in order to stop it. );e) a journalist is seen proclaiming her unswerving devotion to the truth, only to later offer money to a witness in exchange for “juicy” details on the case;f) a meeting is set up at night in a cemetery. The Girl in the Fog is an crime movie directed by Donato Carrisi and starring Toni Servillo, Alessio Boni, Lorenzo Richelmy and Galatea Ranzi and Michela Cescon. We then go back to his arrival in the village after a local girl, Anna Lou Kastner, has gone missing.

Great idea, very poorly executed. she just is, never mind that she has forged an improbable alliance with him and shares the same cynical and mercantile ethos as the investigator). Because…. So why are your clothes …

Visit the locations in the novel The Girl in the Fog is a very atmospheric read and even though the small village setting of Avenchot is fictional, it’s well described and very claustrophobic so that you feel as chilled as the characters do.
Who knows…;k) Vogel tells us that ‘a killer always makes 20 mistakes.’ Really? Vogel is carrying baggage from his last case, The Mutilator, where he was widely discredited with his arrest of a suspect, who served four years in prison, but who turned out to be innocent, although not in Vogel's eyes. He must have read the manual, too. Only get the media involved and the authorities will have to provide all the resources he needs to put himself back in the spotlight. In fact, it’s imperative to do so. How does anyone know that Vogel’s shirt is stained with someone else’s blood? In the hazy Italian mountain village of Avechot, inscrutable Detective Vogel (Toni Servillo) is investigating the sudden disappearance of a teenage There is another, perhaps bigger plot twist coming up.

This is a movie that demands the viewer's full attention and the reward is a brilliant finale which concludes the story of a missing teenage girl in a small Italian rural town. Whereas most of his other novel are set in big cities in Italy this time he chooses to move it to a small sleepy village. Moreover, the scene only makes Vogel appear even more unsavory and grotesquely unsympathetic. Remake mal riuscito di "Omicidio all'italiana" di Maccio Capatonda; quest'ultimo, molto più ficcante nel mettere in scena i sordidi rapporti tra il Male, i media e le forze dell'ordine.A totally fine, unremarkable crime movie. Inside, the house is enveloped in more eerie mist. How and why would a police investigator companionably proffer a Warholian dollop of fleeting fame remains a mystery.

First I thought this is really intriguing.

Polina, 11-year-old girl, embarks on a magical journey to find the truth about her past and her family. But how safe is it really? Going through a rough patch as far as SFF titles are concerned lately, what with the new Glen Cook, Nicholas Eames, and Myke Cole not living up to the hype, I decided to give The Girl in the Fog a shot and I'm glad I did!This is my first book by this author and based on what I have read here, it probably won't be the last.

Flipping backwards and forwards in time, tracing the disappearance of the eponymous girl in the fog, Carrisi presents a flawed but fascinating character in the sharply dressed and obviously psychologically haunted figure of Special Agent Vogel. (It’s in the manual, you see.

A luxuriant, ‘screen saver’ location where, apparently, the locals do nothing but chop wood and test bloodied shirts for DNA. We then go back to his arrival in the village after a local girl, Anna Lou Kastner, has gone missing. Couldn’t Vogel tell his interviewee, “Listen, pal. So, we have at least two mysteries - the reason for the reappearance of the investigator, and the disappearance of the girl. The story of Italian politician Giulio Andreotti, who has served as Prime Minister of Italy seven times since the restoration of democracy in 1946. “And the killer is….frrrrrrrr.