Specially the other guy who completes the trio reminds me of Chuck Bass in his appearance.Indeed,Min Jae gives such Chuck Bass vibes,must be the hair and all but he freaking resembles him soooo much!Yes, the hair and the suits he wears. My later friends on my public school were from middle class families and some of them were real geniuses, as in going to the International Mathematical Olympiad, os competing on a european championship on LATIN, or having an official conservatory titulation of piano professor at 18. I want it somewhere where there won't be protests about every single thing :(It could be tone down high school version of Misty? 33:16. And y'all, it doesn't have to be on tvN to lol! Here's to hoping this one maintains the quality and gives us real heartbreak and drama. As someone that also saw Cruel Intentions, I don't think these 19 year olds are too mature for their age. Kwon Shi Hyun, Choi Soo Ji, and Lee Se Joo are a collection of messy ties, all from backgrounds of privilege and wealth. The Great Seducer / Tempted (위대한 유혹자) Korean Drama Full Series Review Synopsis (please credit if used!) Great Seducer was basically on my Youtube feed and Instagram feed too!

That charismatic face together with that Kinda excited but kinda apprehensive about this drama. The desires to love and to be loved clash with each other as the story unravels. The depth,the sexuality cannot be portrayed within the limitations of a K-Drama. So I decided to finally watch the drama, I wanted to wait until the drama ended cause I really hate waiting for new episode to come when I'm craving for more, and I fell in love. I feel as though the flashback jumps are a bit...choppy? He's kind of an ass, but we've already seen that he is a decent person and can even be kind. I actually do wish they'd gone a little more charred on this marshmallow. In this drama, all the characters are in love just like us.

So I watched trailers, some previews on episodes. :) so ...........pretty good for now......Yes!

And then I found this:After the first couple eps, the execution seems a bit sloppy--story is jumpy, pacing is a bit off.

Drama, you better be good! :)CI is loosely based on Choderlos de Laclos' classic novel Des Liaisons Dangerouses (1782)Oh so that's the movie!

I did a research cause I was impressed with her acting and turned out she was born in Germany... wondering if the PD's will use that in the drama too....language skills I mean.

We've only seen a few scenes for Taehee when compared to the trio but you can already tell Joy has improved compared to how she was in The Liar and His Lover. nonton drama Korea Tempted / The Great Seducer (2018) sub indo. Banyak genre Drama yang bisa Anda tonton dan nikmati untuk menghibur diri. When I saw the trailer, I was like "damn, I am going to be sucked into watching this aren't I...." and yep, what do you know, ten minutes into the first ep and I was already like "Damn, I'm in trouble." I got to say though I love the banter and chemistry between the 3 rich kids but we know that has to go up in flames right Also, most of the parents are down right awfulit's weird to hear that whd and kim seo hyung hard carry cause all I heard is wdh and moon ga young hard carry and joy didn't, I find the complaint is absurd because the ep isn't about joy and all about the 3 friend's life, ofc they are in the spotlight.I'm going to sit and let you guys do the watching and give feedback on how good it is before I commit to it.

:) I hope DB covers this drama!I just finished watching the first four episodes, and I'm surprised.

The Heirs started out like that, too, but we all know how they turned out.

The posters and teasers were full of a dark spark, promising the best dark romance in the drama land. Download Great Seducer (2018) Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Great Seducer (2018) hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download Great Seducer (2018) full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2018,drama korea,romance but then they started to be more about their party life and scandalous behavior so i did not relate to them anymore and turned away from them.

Kwon Shi Hyun and Choi Soo Ji are best friends and she is the current object of his affections. Also, thank god Yeo Jin Goo turned down the role. The Great Seducer Date: 12 March 2018. Folge 3 EN 100% • Korea 29:23.

After Tae Hee meets Shi Hyun, her view on love starts to change. The Great Seducer Date: 12 March 2018. I think anything better than Heirs is a good sign.I def feel like this should have been on TVN.

But it's not all melodrama, since Ep 4 made me laugh, pause, and rewind once WDH started his "seduction." This is the first time I've realized it was a drama :OI've just watched the initial episodes. them lips!) Viele Menschen wünschen sich, ein großer Verführer zu sein und Macht über die Liebe zu haben. In this show it seems to be under the surface more dept in the trios life then their party life. The Great Seducer) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo-young, Kim Min-jae, and Moon Ga-young.It is loosely based on the 1782 French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Yes, I hope Show keeps it that way.