Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. you can also produce sculptures serially.Advantages of bronze: what types of formats and visual effects are made possible by the medium of bronze.Greek Original/Roman Copy: utility and problems with this model.The elite ideal of greek women is embodied in the grave stele of hegeso.

After the threat of invasion lessened, Pericles used the money in the treasury to build the Parthenon and other buildings on top of the Acropolis.

They are most often used in smaller buildings but can also be found in larger structures. The goal was to create a realistic looking man and polykleitos created a system to create perfect proportions. Be able to define contrapposto.The artistic contribution of polykleitos and his cannon of proportions. During this period, Greek sculpture had a lot in common with ancient Egyptian sculpture. First, It allowed sculptures to incorporate more artistic elements of the sculpture. The figures were stiff and rigid withclenched fists, erect posture, and a half smile. A kouros (Ancient Greek: κοῦρος, pronounced , plural kouroi) is the modern term given to free-standing ancient Greek sculptures that first appear in the Archaic period in Greece and represent nude male youths.

This statue was created around the same time that: (Polykleitos, Doryphoros) ... Quizlet Live. The people gathered outside the temple for religious ceremonies during which they sang hymns praising Athena and asking for her help. The capital is carved into double scrolls.Columns were constructed in pieces like a layer cake. Part of the reason why this statue was so significant is because it was not merely a represenation of a greek woman, but it was a greek god. The term "archaic" is derived from a Greek word which means "ancient."

What was the name for the floor plan?floor plan, which was called a cella, was usually rectangular with a center room to house the statue of the god or goddes that the temple was dedicated to. Doryphoros is not a real man, but an idealized man. ;in a very upright position with one foot forward and both knees locked out. You may also see scenes depicting dramatic action.What building in Corpus Christi, TX was influenced by Greek temples?What is the most famous Greek temple? They have a base at the bottom.

They could have been used as funerary markers, trophies from battle, as well as gifts to the gods.Format, function(s), and meaning(s) of the KOUROS (statue of a nude male youth), from Mantiklos' dedication to the kouros that stood on the tomb of Kroisos.Kouroi are nude to represent the idea of heroic male nudity.

Early Period. To the greek viewer, they would have seen doryphoros as the ideal form of masculinity. Quizlet Learn. The idea of creating a numerical set of proportions reflects the greeks' advancements of technology.

men competed in sporting events naked, as well as excerised in gymnasiums naked. How were the pieces so bitingly realistic, yet so mathematically calculated.Production techniques for Greek bronze statuary (indirect lost wax technique)A kore is a statue depiction of a young girl. The end of the cornice usually extends slightly beyond the frieze and the architrave.Word used to describe the section of the temple consisting of the architrave, frieze and cornice.The sloping beams that were used to create the sloping roof.The triangular part of the roof that was created by the raking cornices. Statues from this period are not as sophistocated as those in later periods. Because Athens was the most powerful city in the League, it was put in charge of the treasury. Flashcards. Created by. Gods were frequently depicted as nude, so in the votive context, this would make sense.Why is the kouros represented nude? The capital consists of carved leaves.Ionic columns are usually more slender and delicate than Doric columns. The Acropolis rises up above the city about 500 feet and serves as a large platform for all of the buildings on top of it.Who built the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis?

Doryphoros is not a real man, but an idealized man.

Help. In some statues, the muscles appear to be over-developed. What does this mean?the bodies often appear more perfect than they would in real life.