On screen, the strings drag him along, and a marionette cross floats across the screen. the world of The Gunstringer is nothing but a puppet show about our undead friend. Other than Child of Eden and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, the big surprise was The Gunstringer, an upcoming XBLA on-rails shooter from the minds of Twisted Pixel. The Gunstringer leaves bodies strewn about the desert before being startled by some snakes in the grass.

It’s a cute direction to take the game, and the intersection between real FMV and in-game art is surprisingly easy to appreciate. Directed by Josh Bear, Bill Muehl. By Ryan Davis. Twisted Pixel's first title for the Xbox 360 Kinect. PS3 compilation of Kratos' PSP exploits joined in stores by NHL 12 and Twisted Pixel's Gunstringer; downloadable debuts topped by free Red Dead Redemption add-on. Kinect support is icing on the cake.Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Our story begins with The Gunstringer coming out of his grave crawling on the ground in the middle of a graveyard he than saw a torn picture of him & his posse with a lot of money he than remember who killed him it was his own posse who betrayed him the reason why they killed him is their own greed they didn't gave a second thought about it after he stop looking at the torn picture he saw one of the members of his posse The Wavy Tube Man he now know he must get revenge. Giant Bomb users. The aptly-named Gunstringer is a former outlaw who's returned from the grave to seek vengence upon his former posse. he went to the land of the dead to fight other dead folks,himself & finally The Voodoo Priestess. the world of The Gunstringer is nothing but a puppet show about our undead friend. after going on a revenge trip he killed the The Oil Baron,The Brothel Maiden, & The Beard Master. ... which gave birth to one of the game’s bosses - … Pilot a nimble riverboat down a raging river all while holding onto your hat. The Gunstringer: Real Big Shootin' is now available on Xbox Live for 240 MSP. After being pulled back to life by the player, the Gunstringer seeks revenge on the members of the posse that betrayed him: His quest for vengeance takes him through the wild west, the bayou and areas of New Orleans, a Samurai Western play, and Day of the Dead celebrations. It’s a unique and fascinating quality, providing a thematic thread for the actions the player themselves perform as if they were puppet masters in a real performance.When controlling the Gunstringer, players use their left hand to move left and right; up pulls him upward. At their own Xbox 360 event, Microsoft looked a little anemic on Kinect titles. Armed with his trusty six-shooter and the fury of the devil himself, the Gunstringer will be charging all over The Wild West (or at least as close as a puppet show can get) to find his betrayers and serve them some deadly justice. Video game bosses are usually the main antagonist, and arch nemesis of the main protagonist. Tom Mc Shea waves his arms as The Gunstringer in this video review. Usually working outside car dealerships or gynecologist offices, the Wavy Tube Man was responsible for setting the plan to murder our puppet protagonist into flailing motion. Even better, the game is playable sitting down, although controlling the Gunstringer was a little squirrely from that position.An on-rails shooter, The Gunstringer does play a bit like Child of Eden, but the look and feel of the title are vastly different. The game is played as though it were acted out on a theater stage. In Japan, where the game was ported for release on October 6, 2011, Famitsu gave it a score of 30 out of 40, while Famitsu Xbox 360 gave it a score of all four eights for a total of 32 out of 40. You can search for You can search for With Rocio Garza, Karen Jagger, Lloyd Kaufman, Aisa Palomares. ... Other bosses … On his travels he meets a wide cast of supporting characters like the Gatorjack (a half man, half lumberjack abomination), a corrupt sheriff, and a samurai kite dragon.These controls can change during gameplay. Check out the official trailer for The Gunstringer using the Kinect. For evidence of this we need look no further than its decidedly unusual live-action-audience-attending-a-cowboy-themed-puppet-show-controlled-by-the-player premise. There are moments where the puppet will hide behind cover, causing spotlights to show up like on stage. Between gameplay sections, the developers of Twisted Pixel act as the audience cheering the game along. We've got Redemption Red Dead style, guns on strings, and a whole lot of ice in This Week on New Releases. Tacos can be collected to send Gunstringer into an overdrive mode, shooting much faster.

The Wavy Tube Man. September 13, 2011 The first part is the Classic Western section.The last part has one song that play at the end of the game. Enemies are western-themed puppets, trees and objects are nothing more than flat background scenery propped up, and the game feels a lot like it’s on stage. Wavy Tube Man Jr. has stolen Doc Lloyd's "Time Traviz Machine" and plans to avenge his dad and conquer the future.