It's uttered with a shrug, real or verbal, capturing both the love that binds the continent and the chaos that tears it to pieces. They are then transported legally to be cut and polished in India whilst the London Stock Exchange allows the DeBeers cartel engine to hum along by keeping the majority of diamonds off the market so they remain rare and always high in demand, politely called an “artificial scarcity.” We learn that the majority of diamonds are actually stored in vaults in London!The “conflict” is the illegal mining by forced labour for minerals, set in place by rebel soldiers in conflict zones, in this case the RUF. Does he have franchise plans? She will be attending FESPACO and writing a diary of the event. And for the naysayers who believe that the process is no longer flawed now that the Kimberley Process exists, be reminded of South African Colonel Coetzee’s army in the movie and the ease with which he does an air strike to divert attention to get to Danny and the diamond. TIA stands for Thanks In Advance. They have a deal to split the profit 50/50.Like in Crash and most recently Babel (an excellent movie), Blood Diamond shows how Americans are unknowingly soaking up some very complicated issues through the way our lives intersect and how one deed, large or small, can take on a life of its own. Can the continent handle any more (especially those with a profit motive buried somewhere deep)?I realized after the movie that the bad taste in my mouth was the fact that an even wealthier black American, Oprah Winfrey, is taking a very different approach to “helping Africans” and, might I add, a longer-term investment—education—that has a much better payoff.Alas, I’m reminded of Michael Jordan at the dawn of the Air Jordan Empire (FYI, the 2006 Air Jordan XXI costs $175.00!
There are some gestures of “goodwill,” perhaps inserted to prove to audiences that some people outside of Africa at that time were consumed with more than the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Let’s reflect for a moment on hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who is in the diamond business now with a jewellery store, Simmons Jewellery Company, and has founded the Diamond Empowerment Fund.Imagine my surprise and the television-viewing irony, when after grabbing my keys and jacket on my way to see Blood Diamond, there he was at a press conference on ABC News, holding hands with his bejewelled, estranged wife, Kymora Lee, and discussing his recent fact-finding trip to diamond mines in Botswana and South Africa.I headed to the Cineplex with a funny taste in my mouth and a troubling question: Of all the industries on the African continent ripe for investment to “help Africans,” quoting Mr. Simmons, why diamonds?Blood Diamond, directed by Edward Zwick, is a mesmerizing personal account set in and around Sierra Leone in 1999 at the height of its civil war, a conflict that took the lives of tens of thousands and saw the displacement of more than two million people (well over one-third of the population), many of whom became refugees in neighbouring countries.It’s the story of Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a humble fisherman, eking out a living with his young family, who has enough vision and foresight to risk almost everything to rescue his family and save his son, a white former soldier of fortune/mercenary, Danny Archer, now an amoral diamond smuggler, portrayed masterfully by Leonardo DiCaprio; and the American journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), who, conflicted and in love, unveils the human misery occurring at the hands of civil strife and African mineral exploitation.Danny and Solomon’s paths cross early on while both are in prison.
He is a complicated man with a killer smile. Danny is that complex white African who loves Africa equally to any black African.

As the primary military focus, diamond mining became a major fund-raising exercise. Thus unfolds the classic Africa saga - an almost unimaginable story of courage and horror becomes a lush, breathtaking African backdrop of white redemption, black, power-hungry, violent, psychopathic rebels, and the good-as-gold, innocent African caught up in the madness.Solomon spends his days sifting in the muddy river bed and one day finds a huge pink diamond while his captured son, Dia, begins the miseducation and training as a child soldier. Jan 17, 2007. ), touring sweatshops in Asia with the Nike Corporation and giving them a clean bill of health.