Tornado Source "Tornado" is the second of two half-hour specials of the horror anthology series Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, and the tenth episode of the series overall. The doctors tell Matt that they will have to perform the surgery without any anesthetics because they mistakenly think Matt is allergic to anesthetics. Mild-mannered family man Gary Royce has an...unconventional addiction. The man says that everyone masturbates but suggests that Matt reduce how much he masturbates in order for the sewage pipes to operate normally. Then it shows Matt years later as an adult who works for a Telecommunications company. Matt has them reinserted just in time to ignite a budding romance with his colleague Lucy (a magnetic Rosa Salazar). Contents[show] Synopsis A tornado brings to light a secret from Matt Peters' past, putting him in an awkward and potentially career-ruining position. With Zach Gilford, Rosa Salazar, Lance Reddick, Jamey Sheridan. He also tells her about how he got his testicles put back in him and thats how it was possible for him to get Lucy pregnant. Lucy accepts the date. But the recent tornado caused the septic tank to be flown and landed on a hospital. Father Krang threatens to tell Matt's girlfriend Lucy about his operation of having his testicles removed unless he is allowed to examine Matt's testicle sac, in which Matt agrees and lets Father Krang feel his testicle sack. Matt, however, freaking out over the fact that the testicles inside him are not really his own, ignores Lucy, grabs a knife, and rushes into the restroom where he removes the testicles from his sack. … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. English.

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There are some extraordinary acts of love in “Tornado,” this month’s installment of Matt, as we learn in a prologue, spent his adolescence masturbating into the toilet with such frequency that he caused plumbing issues across the entire city. Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories: Tornado.

as family attorney Joseph Zagan, who speaks of ejaculate with a gravitas—“Matt, you unloaded just a tremendous amount of glue into that tank”—the subject has surely never enjoyed. A Tornado rips through Matt Peters childhood home, exposing something horribly embarrassing from his past. "Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories" Tornado (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Lucy lets Father Krang hold the baby, then Father Krang tells Lucy that the baby is his and he will be taking the baby. Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (also known as Bedtime Stories) is an American horror comedy television series on Adult Swim. Mobster Bobby Bologna has a cure for his problem, but it comes at the price of Gary having to serve the mob as their Sauce Boy, in exchange for receiving the cure for his addiction, a "juice" which must be … English [CC] Audio Languages. But there’s another key component to their terror: romance. Later Matt is at a family party with Lucy when Father Krang arrives. Rather than risk a life-destroying scandal for himself and his parents, Matt consents to the punishment mandated by the hospital’s Chancellor Palpatinesque director, Father Krang (Palpatine-esque Kurtwood Smith).

23min. Instead of confronting their teenage son, they installed a septic tank to spare the city sewage system as well as Matt’s dignity. This is a testament to Tim & Eric’s particular insanities, yes, but also to dramatic structures that have been missing from the airwaves since The father calls Matt to the door. This episode disturbed me more than anything else the boys have ever done.I did a search and only the teaser came up, did we miss a bedtime stories? The final twist, and there is indeed a final twist, rings inevitable in retrospect but is entirely unpredictable until the moment it arrives. An American Werewolf In London and The Fly (King Cronenberg Version) are both ‘80s horror films that use slow-burn practical effects as a means of scaring the audience. A Tornado rips through Matt Peters childhood home, exposing something horribly embarrassing from his past.