Jimmy Dean arrives to pick up Lorna. Her only hope is to team up with Larnell who has problems of his own in the form of a magical talking bong named Eebee. In an interview with PopHorror.com, Charles Band reportedly offered Busey $25,000 to star in the film expecting him to turn it down but Busey accepted. Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) is a psychotic lunatic who guns down the Leigh family in a diner, sparing only the daughter Sara (Robin Sydney).

Audience Reviews for The Gingerdead Man. Amos recovers, shoots the oven door's lock off, and saves Sarah. Gingerdead Man 304. by Maya Corrigan. Lorna waits outside for her father, but discovers only his body sprawled over the hood of his car. If you hear a spooky crumbling sound from the kitchen in the middle of the night, beware! Make no bones about it - you've never seen cookies like these. He attacks Sarah before she is rescued by Amos and Julia, who push Brick into the oven and turn the heat on full, finally killing him. The nurse opens the box, revealing five gingerbread cookies, who open their eyes. Packaged in a colorful peggable giftbox.

It just might be the restless, sugar-overloaded spirit of the Gingerdead Man. Ship This Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase.
They set to using the mix, but Brick cuts himself, unknowingly allowing his blood to pollute the dough. includes one cookie cutter and one stamper. Brick returns to help, but the Gingerdead Man grabs Amos's pistol and opens fire.

May 11, 2008. The Gingerdead Man is the newest Full Moon franchise, with the first installment starring Gary Busey, who plays a criminal who is sent to the electric chair, comes back to life as a Gingerbread Man, and goes out to kill the woman who sent him to jail. Sarah tells Amos that she thinks the killer cookie is Millard. This double-sided tool cuts and stamps 5-1/2 inch cookies. Lorna calls her dad on Amos’s cell phone before the batteries go dead.

Gary Busey stars as the titular Gingerdead Man, created from a mix of gingerbread spice mix and the ashes of deceased serial killer Millard Findlemeyer, who terrorizes a small-town bakery. $8.99. It's Christmas season in Bayport and the town is hosting a Dicken's themed festival with all of the town volunteers dressed as their favorite Dickens characters. Paperback. They attempt to lock the living cookie in the freezer, and Sarah tries to call the police but the line is dead. The Gingerdead Man is a 2005 horror-comedy film directed by Charles Band and starring Gary Busey. Amos returns to his car and retrieves a handgun. This double-sided tool cuts and stamps 5-1/2 inch cookies. It was released on September 13, 2011, after many filming delays by director Charles Band.It was originally called Gingerdead Man 3: … It is followed by Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust.The Gingerdead Man was released on DVD by Shoot Productions.

Betty loses a finger and is put into the oven, while Julia is knocked out by a frying pan, encased in frosting, decorated, and left in the freezer. Several months later, Betty, Sarah, and Amos are having a bake sale to raise money for the hospital, with a little help from two nurses.

Another comic series was released on March 28, 2018 by Action Lab Comics titled Trick or Treat Studios released a full head mask of the Gingerdead Man in collaboration with Full Moon would later release an 8.75 inch tall resin statue of the Gingerdead Man that is available for purchase on their online market place Full Moon Direct. Gingerdead Man is the seventh installment in the A Five-Ingredient Mystery series set in Bayport, Maryland and featuring caterer, Val Deniston. Sarah removes the gingerbread man from the oven, at which point the newly dubbed "Gingerdead Man" leaps up, taunting them. Sarah permits him to leave early so he can pursue his amateur wrestling career as The Butcher-Baker at Wrestlepalooza. Gregory Paul Smith was born on March 6, 1981 in Menominee, Michigan, USA. The Gingerdead Man is a 2006 American horror-comedy film directed by Charles Band. Julia and Brick manage to subdue him, and Brick eats the cookie's head. Your only defense is to eat them before they eat you! The film also stars Robin Sydney, Jonathan Chase, Alexia Aleman, Margaret Blye, James Snyder, and Larry Cedar. The series is very much played with a tongue-in-cheek mentality.