I consider this if you are a big fan of animes like Attack on Titan, etc. Characters are dull, plot and writing shallow, but at least it's not cringe. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Some stories are just too much fun to see. Honestly a great anime really worth a watch, I reccomend it whole heatedly. Was this review helpful? (TV-MA) You will love this if you love action/horror/gore/dark shows/animes. Despite being much longer than a typical horror movie, the series plays around with itself so much that it almost becomes a laughter stock. After leaving Kaneki to the brink of death, she was hit by some metal bars dropped from a building. Was this review helpful? OK, so it's not often an anime this dark comes around, and so I just had to check it out. Was this review helpful? Re: was fairly confusing to adapt to but all in all no complaints at all, great work! Yes, that what I have to say about this anime. 24 out of 42 found this helpful. *manga is top notch anime adaptation is little poor The story, at the beginning, was quite confusing, having no context about the actual series at all.

Was this review helpful? Was this review helpful? He stops at nothing to become stronger, so he could protect his friends, although he does not become a madman like Yamori. Was this review helpful?

Was this review helpful? I really enjoyed the first season of this series, but after that it went kinda downhill - I also watched second season and I didn't think it really lived up to the hype of the first season.

He is injured and undergoes transplant surgery before awakening.

Although you have to give some time to like the main protagonist Kaneki Ken, he turns into a likable and strong character, when he kills and devours Yamori, or better known as Jason. Tokyo Ghoul is a very unique series. there is a gap between root A episode 12 and Re: episode 1 (how kaneki lost his memory). The plot twists and outcomes of events is extraordinary. Now, Kaneki must survive as a ghoul by using his powers, and to further polish them.

I had high expentations for this show, but after torturing myself through the 1st season I can say it only has a good art style and kaguna concept is pretty interesting and only thing that was keeping me watching the full season. And without dropping any spoilers, it would appear a second season may be coming. Initially I thought the first half of season one was too slow paced and kind of boring because I just couldn't figure out the direction of the plot and the main point to the whole story. 1 out of 1 found this helpful. First season has the one of the best writing i have ever seen. This is a story about a boy who is changed into something he fears. Well,he falls for the beauty of Miss.Rize(whom he meets at a coffee shop).Later it turns out that Rize is actually a ghoul(well they eat people for survival).When Kaneki tries to escape an accident happens whose victim are both Kaneki & Rize.To save Kaneki, Rize's eye is transplanted to Kaneki. Of course, in comparrisson to classic literature the series' writing pales, most anime's will, but even in context of the genre, this is a disaster. Give it a shot if you want. Please take in mind that he is the protagonist) leaving her with little screen time, and it focused a bit too much on CCG. 1 out of 1 found this helpful. A beautifully written show with an unique plot line that questions about the methods of living ''survival of the fittest'' or ''Co-existence" of two species together .This show arouses questions about the right way of living through a war between the two species who claim to be the dominant race.With the amazing soundtracks and beauty of animation technology they have built an masterpiece.

What happens to the main character just wasn't enough to drive the plot forward in my mind; the "now what? This show has some truly amazing character development, with unpredictable episodes and a powerful main character, with strong resolve. Tokyo Ghoul doesn’t derive far from that. the twist towards the end of the first season was very cool, I was hoping it could be longer it was a pretty short anime but judging by the end they seamed to leave it open for that. 10 out of 17 found this helpful. 3 out of 5 found this helpful. I haven't read the manga (if there is one), so I'm not sure if this follows closely or not. Well,I have not watched a LOT anime but I am sure I know how an anime should be rated..... (Does not contains any major spoiler just a little so don't worry) The series revolves around the mid-youth age of a bookworm Kaneki Ken(who of course loves reading books).He is a kind of guy who always remains alone & is not very good in interacting with others. I just watched this anime like a month ago or so and I really enjoyed it i was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time! From the start, you are taken on the world of Sasaki Haise, and the Quinx squad. The ending of second season got to me, and I actually thought it was quite okay anyways - but as soon as :re came out I was out the door.

Was this review helpful? Tokyo Ghoul:re is one heck of a series.

However, the pieces start to fall in much later, and the story gets more in depth than before. It also focused on a story arc that differed from the other half of the manga. Highly Suspect returns with “Tokyo Ghoul,” a hip-hop-tinged third single from MCID, their long-awaited, highly anticipated third studio album. What this volume really felt like was "The side characters you almost forgot about, here they be" and showed all their fights. Was this review helpful? Root A (season 2) is out now, every Thursday at 11am. 7 out of 13 found this helpful. Find gore disturbing? 22 out of 50 found this helpful. A shy college student named Kaneki is going on a date with a girl named Rize, but after her revealing that she is a ghoul, there was no going back. 1 out of 1 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sui Ishida's hit series Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen story about flesh-eating ghouls who appear human at first, but then bare their fangs and devour hapless people on the moonlit streets.College student Ken Kaneki is soon thrust into this world as a half-ghoul, and one of his first allies is the ghoul Touka Kirishima. It is very hard to find the uncensored, which I couldn't find at all. You will be literally hooked on the characters as the plot goes on and of course, on the plot itself. Season 1 was great. First i would like to say