Usually, the trust owns the school buildings.Voluntary controlled schools differ from voluntary aided schools in such a way that they enjoy less freedom than the latter.

Well done on this outstanding achievement everyone. State Primary School of the Year St Bede’s RC Primary School, Marske-by-the-Sea; Independent Preparatory School of the Year Seaton House School, Sutton .

Click on the name of a school for more details. However, faith schools also accept students from non-faith backgrounds.Free schools are not run by local councils, which give them the freedom to control their own staff and terms. Primary education consists of Key Stages 1 and 2, whereas secondary education is divided into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

The table below features the A-level league table results of the top 100 UK independent schools published by The Telegraph. "89 per cent of its pupils achieved the expected level in the 2017 maths SATs exam.The Roman Catholic school in Lancashire saw 100 per cent of its pupils reach the expected level in their maths SATs last year.It has 208 pupils aged 4-11 and was rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted in 2012.Its mission statement is to "ensure a happy and secure learning environment where we celebrate the dignity and worth of all in our school community.

These schools are funded by the government and a foundation or trust. However, these schools are also popular among English families, which look for a wide variety of curriculum choices.

"The school was rated as 'outstanding' in its 2012 Ofsted inspection. They are given free state education at this stage, which is called “reception”, and follows the UK EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum. Admissions for the top international schools in England tend to have waiting lists so it is recommended that parents apply well in advance to secure a spot for their children. Last year it was ranked number 58.The school is run by Dawn Titus and is "very proud" of its long tradition of high quality Catholic education. This small primary school only has 250 pupils, as it is the only primary school in the City of London. In the prime London markets, buyers are prepared to pay over the odds to be within walking distance or the catchment area of the capital’s most highly regarded schools.

Depending on the level of education; kindergartens (pre-schools), primary, secondary and high schools will all have varying tuition fees.

The private boys' school achieved a 98.61 per cent A*-C/9-7 rate - one of four schools to surpass 95 per cent for the top grades, according to the Independent Schools Council (ISC). "The school in the Kensington and Chelsea borough has a number of accolades to its name and has 'exceptionally long' waiting lists for all classes.It was described as 'outstanding' in its last Ofsted inspection in 2009.And it says "pupils are encouraged to take calculated risks.

These schools are not mandated to follow the National Curriculum of England. The top 20 English state primary schools have been revealed - and six of the top 10 are in London.

"Sheredes, which placed 208 on the list last year, is based in Hertfordshire and has 474 pupils.The Sunday Times found that 100 per cent of its pupils reached the expected level in their writing, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling exams in the 2017 SATs exams.The school focuses on "developing pupils' confidence, all round ability and unique talents to the highest level that they can achieve".The Barnet school has 212 pupils and came number 44 on the list last year.Its 2017 SATs results saw 100 per cent of pupils reach the expected level in maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling.Headteacher Lisa Walker said: "I am very pleased to announce that in the Sunday Times this weekend Courtland school was ranked 15th out of the top 250 State Primary Schools in England for reading, grammar and maths in the Key Stage 2 tests.