Muscle-bound men, big-haired dolls and more monsters than you could fit in a Toys “R” Us shopping cart: The toys of the 1980s were some of the coolest of any era.

For many, however, collecting isn’t about the money. You can still find the classic toy in stores and An adorable red-haired doll that smelled like strawberries. Teddy Ruxpin: Many of them remain popular today, and some are worth a decent amount of money.Which of these classic toys did you have (or wish you had) in your closet?Who would have thought that dolls born in a Cabbage Patch would cause riots in stores? Who would have thought that cooking with a light bulb would be so much fun? Nevertheless, all the cool kids collected these cards and traded them on the playground.

It’s a car! Kids would spend weekends skating outside or at the local roller rink.

Are toys today even half as exciting as these old favorites? Lite Brite, Micro Machines, Simon Says, Mr.

Not as easy at it looks! Though relaunched a handful of times throughout the years with new names, books, and films, the soft and furry fad slowly faded by the turn of the century.Coin-operated arcade amusement took a severe hit when Atari released the first home-gaming console, which was created by the founders of the famous arcade game Pong.

Is it a teddy bear?

BRB, eBaying my childhood. 89 $19.99 $19.99. A list of some of the most popular toys from the 80's with a few obscure ones to make it interesting. 11. Others thought Remember these tiny cars that kids loved to collect and race around? BuzzFeed Staff. Safety wasn’t necessarily paramount in the ’80s, as a number of these toys prompted trips to the hospital, but not a decline in popularity.Children of the 1980s, read on to find out Stacker’s list of 30 toys that defined the decade.The 10 original Care Bears, which wear belly badges to denote their personalities, were intended to be American Greetings card characters in 1981 until they became plush, stuffed Parker Brothers dolls by 1983. Today’s My Little Pony dolls are This handheld electronic memory game is simple in theory, but not so easy to master! It’s hard to believe a game with only four big colored buttons could be so addictive. The learning aid was the Sure, it may look like an old-style touchtone phone, but it was pretty cool in its day!Who remembers the cool whistle sound this game made every time you got tackled? Moon Shoes, Bubble Mower, and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots may be less popular, but no less awesome.

That’s why you can still find the Who could forget these tiny, blue collectible figures?

In recent years, they’ve had a comeback in movie theaters.This handheld, electronic toy had a variety of games for kids to play: tic-tac-toe, memory game, puzzles and more.

Safety wasn’t necessarily paramount in the ’80s, as a number of these toys prompted … With the push of a single button, a puff of air lifted rings into the water. Stacker used historical and retail websites to compile a list of 30 toys that were popular in 1980s America.Some of the toys that defined the time have crazy stories that surrounded them.

Long before the virtual reality games we play today were even imagined, the Atari 2600 console brought video games out of the arcade and into our homes. And the spin-out handbrake on the side was the best part of the bike! FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. They had their own TV show in the ’80s, along with their own toy line, stuffed animals and more! Even though some people thought these dolls were ugly, the vast majority of people couldn’t get their hands on them fast enough.Of course, Cabbage Patch Kids are still available. The A-to-Z Guide to Valuable ‘80s Toys.

The Rainbow Brite TV show and movie launched in the ’80s, and reboots featuring Rainbow Brite and her trusted steed, Starlite, have been rolled out several times since then.

$14.89 $ 14.

Inspired by true-to-life monsters from mythology, religion, literature, and film, the brightly colored toys first sold based on a “scary” point series, with the Great Beast from the Bible worth 25, and less frightening figures like The Witch rated at 5. Plus, you could frame the birth certificate and send out announcements.

1-16 of over 5,000 results for "80s toys" Best Seller in Magnetic & Felt Playboards. You can find sets with the Paw Patrol, Disney Princesses and Marvel characters on Would-be doctors and nurses could practice their skills way before medical school with the complete Fisher-Price Medical Kit.
It had a “working” stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff and even a syringe for a shot (ouch!).

You can find some of the classics Today, brand-new sets are being released for the latest generation of kids.

But nothing takes the place in our hearts of the vintage collection of toys.Is it a monkey?

However, many toys of the ’80s strayed a little further off the beaten path. Some highlights: Power Wheels, Glo Worms, Pogo Ball, Teddy Ruxpin, Rainbow Brite, Micro Machines, and Madballs.

The ‘80s were a time when many kids were begging for awesome action figures like He-Man and Transformers. The original Tomy versions of this game can be found online Preschoolers loved this Fisher-Price toy that made animal sounds.