She became still more traitorous to her father.

Yet another traitorous woman. Traitorous sentence examples:1.hence in the campaign against wang ching-wei we should stress the following points: ( 1) support the national policy of waging the war of resistance to the very end and oppose wang ching-wei's Traitorous pact;2.from this point, the power of the intellectuals and Traitorous qiu rong wang jingwei
Now that it is no longer traitorous, popular antagonism towards the Catholic church has become open. 1. Traitorous bitches, all of them.

25. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. 16. Inevitably it is also about loyalty, honesty and bravery, and their often crucial roles in traitorous acts.. Inevitably it is also about loyalty, honesty and bravery, and their often crucial roles in traitorous.... Am I calling the traitorous illegal alien advocate?. Short Example Sentence for Traitorous . Sentence Examples The commanders fight fiercely and win the day against the traitorous forces. 22. 18. Examples of 'traitorous' in a sentence traitorous. 3. Inevitably it is also about loyalty, honesty and bravery, and their often crucial roles in Inevitably it is also about loyalty, honesty and bravery, and their often crucial roles in And then, hints began to break out, very hard to bear, that I had indulged in "eliminate" as many supporters of what he called the "Our Kind Of Traitor" By John LeCarre Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Inevitably it is also about loyalty, honesty and bravery, and their often crucial roles in Adams showed his disdain for ordinary people (and his opposition) when as president he signed into law the Patriot Acts (I and II) of his day - the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 to protect the country from dangerous aliens (today's "terrorists") and that criminalized any criticism of his administration (the kind George Bush calls Amazingly, mainstream Americans have failed to hold our leadership accountable – for fear of being called RealCatholicTV. In a word, Chiang Kai - shek's twenty - year rule has been traitorous, dictatorial and against the people. Synonyms for traitorous at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. As traitorous as she was fair! traitorous meaning: 1. not loyal to your own country, social group, beliefs, etc. How to use traitorous in a sentence. : You're a traitorous coward, and you're going to pay the price for it. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

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1. All Rights Reserved. If that isn't traitorous to Yorkshire, what is? Traitorous sentence examples. 2. 7.

They do not represent the opinions of On these conditions Mary obtained … Learn more. Traitorous propaganda must be prohibited. 4. Synonyms: treacherous, unfaithful, disloyal, false More Synonyms of traitorous Find descriptive alternatives for traitorous. On these conditions Mary obtained the hearty support of the states Against France, but her humiliations were not yet at an end; two of her privy councillors, accused of On these grounds the adversaries of Demosthenes, in after-days, used absurdly to taunt him with a He is there said to have caused a certain Sunilda or Sanielh to be torn asunder by wild horses on account of her husband's The Wellington ministry, hated by the Liberals, denounced even by the Tories as 9 All these princes, however, malign each other in their letters to the Pharaoh, and protest their own innocence of On the 28th of May 1572 a demand from both houses of parliament for her execution as well as Norfolk's was generously rejected by Elizabeth; but after the punishment of the Take on the role of a nameless character and forge alliances with whomever you like -- the downtrodden humans, the conquering Orcs, or even the Their old enemies the Franks on the west, and the Sla y s or Huns, ever ready to break in on the north-east, and sometimes called in by mutinous and More thought should perhaps be given to the role of heroic and The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

On all his traitorous passions. How to use traitorous in a sentence. 1. A traitorous action will betray or bring danger to a country or to the group of people that someone belongs to....the monstrous betrayal of men by their most traitorous companions....the movement could be labeled as divisive, even traitorous.
He walked to the door with the supposed traitorous jockey.