The pigmented colored concrete can be accomplished by adding the pigments directly to the concrete mix prior to pouring.The strained colored concrete can be obtained by applying stains to concrete of any age to obtain a more vibrant colored finish. The equipment removes a concrete layer whose thickness does not exceed a few millimeters at the top of the concrete. A fine grade protection layer is applied to provide the favored polished finish.Swirl finish is one of the most exceptional types of concrete finish that is generated by smearing the concrete surface in a uniformly overlapping circular pattern.It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the concrete surface which is favored for outdoor applications because not only does it add beauty to the surface, but it also provides a safer walk and stand in comparison with smooth surface finish, specifically during the wet season.The polished finish on a concrete surface is achieved by a mechanical process of grinding and polishing with the help of a penetrant chemical to provide different texture with the help of specialized tools and equipment.The colored finish of the concrete is accomplished through mix-added pigments or post-cure staining to provide a pleasing look to match the surrounding environment.The colored finish on a concrete surface can be carried out by either pigment or strains.

VIP members get additional benefits.Lost your password? 2. Water is the easiest component to over proportion.The more water one uses in the mix the more fluid the mixture becomes.It becomes easier to mix, work with and – to a point – easier to finish. Hose it down and squeegee off!The pitfall to Slick Troweled Concrete is that when it’s damp or wet it’s – well – slick…There is minimal traction to this finished product if it’s wet or your shoes or wet from rain or snow.Broom Finished Concrete is similar to Slick Troweled Concrete in that both contain the same ingredients.The surface of Broom Finished Concrete gets closed and then a specialty broom attachment is pulled across the surface to create a distinct rough texture.Although the majority of Benhardt Construction’s Broom Finished Concrete Projects are closed by hand before brooming.While an ‘an extra step’ I have found that this provides a very consistent texture that is very appealing to the eye upon being ‘broomed’The benefits of Broom Finished Concrete is that it has good traction and is visually appealing.The pitfall to Broom Finished Concrete is that it’s a little harder to clean since it has the rough texture.The reason is that the aggregate is revealed or ‘exposed’ through a multi step process that removes the cement or ‘paste’ from the exposed surface area.The Slick Trowel Concrete and Broom Finished Concrete utilize limestone whereas Exposed Aggregate Concrete offers plenty of river stone options.Using a smaller, rounder stone one can find colors ranging from blues, to browns, to reds and greens. This type of concrete finish after completion of their construction looks similar to stones such as slates or flagstones, brick, tile or with proper skill they can look similar to wood.Stamped concrete finish is a very intelligent and innovative innovation in concrete widely applied for floor in patios, car porch, driveways and sidewalks.The salt finish concrete surface is obtained by inserting coarse rock salt crystals using rollers on the freshly placed concrete surface and washing it off with streams of water after the concrete is set.This finish gives a decorative, rough subtle texture and skid resistance to plain or colored concrete. The concrete is a versatile construction material used all over the world for all types of construction applications. Wood floats create the courser textures while aluminum floats or steel trowels will create medium or smoother finishes. A manual trowel consists of a flat steel blade with an attached handle that is pushed and pulled across the concrete surface.A mechanized trowel is used for large commercial projects which resemble large fans with the blades sitting directly against the concrete.The broom finish of the concrete is rough textured finished obtained by dragging a broom on the trowelled surface of the concrete while the concrete is still fresh.Dragging of broom on the fresh concrete surfaces creates small ridges that provide for traction control and slip-resistant.The stamped concrete finish is obtained by pressing the required patterns on the freshly levelled concrete. First, here is a brief synopsis of what concrete actually isThe three main components of concrete is Portland cement, aggregate (rock, sand) and waterThe paste (cement and water) coats the aggregate (rock, sand) and through hydration the paste hardens, strengthens and creates concreteThe key to strong concrete is in the proportions one uses of the three components. However, the fineness of the concrete surface is kept rough to have a better bond with the upcoming layers, such as flooring or waterproofing.It is important to finish the concrete surface to maintain the wear and tear of the surface, protection from seepage of water, and to have a even surface. Chemical Staining (Acid) If you want to beautify your concrete floor using colors, you can do … Sign Up to The Constructor to ask questions, answer people’s questions, write articles, and connect with other people. He is the author, editor, and partner at