Savathun corrupted Uldren, while Riven was the influencer.Uldren also kept a sense of self. While exploring Mars for his Guardian, Pulled Pork encountered the Titan Nkechi-32 and her Ghost, Agu. This video is unavailable. Uldren was her enforcer, spy, and advisor, who used his agents and devices, called “Crows”, to spy on the rest of the system. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting.Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Uldren Sov, also known as “The Master of Crows” is a character in Destiny 2, who is an Awoken, and the brother of Mara Sov (Queen of the Reef). His Ether was converted to Dark Ether, and he became Scorn.I believe Uldren killed Cayde out of a sense of necessity and desperation.

I think that’s where he began to be twisted and what allowed Riven to influence him even when she was locked within the dreaming city.Oh well, live & forget. Mara has been controlling him from childhood and then when she was gone he was lost an Riven took advantage of that. He had to escape the Prison of Elders, and killing Cayde seemed to be necessary there. Edit 2: added opinion about Uldren's demeanor (2nd paragraph)Actually, I think Darkness was appropriate. Neither the Guardian nor Petra were convinced, but Ghost insisted that killing him wasn’t right. Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by

Lest they be judged for it. Uldren went to the Black Garden against Mara’s orders and lost some of himself there.

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Because during the Warmind DLC, Zavala makes it very clear that guardians are not to go looking into their past life. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny.

Uldren is returning to Destiny. Uldren Sov needs to go to the tower and face Zavala. Uldren satisfied the current Hunter Dare. I forget how the awoken enter the Dreaming City except for the fact that they need both light & dark.

Lest they be judged for it. However, Petra insisted, saying that Cayde would pull the trigger, and after a bit of thought, Less than a year after his resurrection, he was spotted with Pulled Pork is the nickname of a very friendly and earnest Ghost who revived Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef as a Guardian. The cutscene itself features the return of Uldren Sov, the man driven insane by a strange evil presence. While corrupted, he wished for Fikrul to be revived, and just like in The Monkey's Paw, he was, but he was changed. Watch Queue Queue An ahamkara can grant wishes but who says it can't make its own? With the Ace of Spades, the Guardian approached a defeated Uldren, who claimed that he did what he did for Mara. She made the last wish to curse the dreaming city.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castWelcome to Destiny Reddit! No that he has forgotten all of that and cant regain those memories, its his chance for a fresh start and i think we should give him that chance. In his case, quite literally.Yeah, the second I saw that the final boss was The Meatball instead of Uldrin, the only thing I could think of was drax in guardians of the galaxy saying "Ronin was just a puppet. So Zavala can put his money where his mouth is, and make sure that all guardians follow the rules and don't treat Uldren unfairly due to the actions of his past self. He isnt the same person that killed Cayde in my opinion.It was not just Riven in control there, Riven had her own goals but Savathun was the puppet master the whole time, Even the curse that Riven thought was a gotcha was part of Savathuns plan.Remember, all Riven wanted was to use Uldren to "open" the Dreaming City. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Riven was not only stuck in a cell physically, but could only commune with Savathun while imprisoned. I forgot how Uldren was about to enter.Edit: changed darkness to ahamkara. With Christmas just a few hours away and the dawning well underway, is it time to forgive Uldren Sov?He might have been the villain just over a year ago with him killing Cayde-6 but let us not forget he is now a guardian, he sits alone in the wild with only his ghost for company, but he does not remember why we hate him so much, like every guardian before him, uldren sov lost his memory with his revival.You might not like his formerself, but lets not pretend we are all good, many of us could have a dark past that we don't remember and many others became warlords before the Last City was formed.Maybe you don't have to talk to him, give him gifts or even the time of day, but please allow him to see what he would be fighting for, the Last City, Humanity and the Light.Uldren Sov needs to go to the tower and face Zavala. But yes he was corrupted.They can make their own wishes. negative response to seeing him.There is enough evidence that The pair befriended him and gave him the nickname Pulled Pork. Of course, he could have left him alive after taking his light, but that's a decision he chose not to make.Was not the darkness.... it was a Ahamkara Dragon. the Ghost. Even if Zavala would accept this Uldren does not remember the fact remains, he killed Cayde-6, he is a guardian, which means he is entitled to be the Hunter Vanguard.You can not ignore who he was in his past life due to how it ties to the dare.This comes from a hunter....... though I fixed Ace, he is NOT getting that back from me.If only there was some form of beacon to gather guardians the tower...Kill me with thorn the day my Titan ass agrees with Zavala.He was corrupted by the ahamkara so it's not like he was himself when he had killed Cayde. The Guardians he met understandably had a strong and collective Oh well, live & forget. "If anything, Rose -> Thorn -> Lumina journey is even more of a thematic suggestion toward forgiving Uldren and giving this new guardian a chance.His entire life he was being manipulated. Thanos is the one I need to kill.