La VSM (Value Stream Mapping), appelé en français « Cartographie des chaînes de valeur », est un outil ayant pour but de cartographier à un instant « T » les flux physiques et d’informations d’une entreprise.Celle-ci est en général réalisée au sein même de l’entreprise bien qu’elle soit au départ prévue pour être réalisé sur l’ensemble de la supply chain. About Edraw *�ո��n�ٴ�qc�����̵�};3Y�E�_ }+��;�I.D�%��йt́:K%�[���NǑ����}_n�1�"�lM�d�n �XEWjE��ZzGf�TKU'w-��l��-m�Vu�i7f�*�! /Contents 4 0 R>> EdrawMax is an advanced all-in-one diagramming tool for creating professional flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, UML diagrams, floor plans, electrical diagrams, science illustrations, and more. Value Stream Mapping est une cartographie descriptive des flux physiques et d’informations d’un processus. Featured endobj <> Définition VSM (Value Stream Mapping) Appelé « Cartographie des chaines de valeur » en français, bien que ce nom soit très peu répandu, cette pratique permet de cartographier un processus.

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endobj Drag proper value stream map shapes from left libraries and drop on the drawing page. 'J��-լxPC�TCj�tuK���,��p��?#����VK�u����5��*��J� �$����T+�ғ��8�LGJ��Y���ѻ�7�h%]���y����y&������b`��k�F�6��gH�V?��j��+����5C��N#�� ��7N��������=�^��d��rS�ڬ�>���Jw֑Ӎb8^6}�L�L�ivj�¾�z(���K=l��J�S#_� %���� %PDF-1.4 endobj 7 0 obj endobj �i��Fk�;�?/G��p^���� �5H�����K;�M��EǥB&������U�0�`$��lmI�on�^N�zOF��z^KH�p25��S#��F�G��{m�5QZ�_[��,��7�9�|�rJsȻDҞ ��W�`����gѤo�`��\s �-(�h=g�A\vX��X~��pQ�z��B\����(m5�6���q�O���y�A�y)����� �WS97��Ϫ�M#���F�`xб������5�����1���O���|6Zۤp��G������t����դ�;���q��s�[������Ћ^���W#&�l3��!L�m�>f�KSj�A���9��3�O&���M�]���e��L���8ŵ��6�n���b���ٵǫ]62��P�`�M�欏�8��E�1?~ya��W Y�K0�q\p��d� �,^�n�۾�@���Ln��ʗ�hQ��NDS���e>Q�^����R����/aA�r�\��&ъL�3�$A'c5@���\�%��Jc���]��B��G�����il���':�H�h岶7� �/�������ل'_>�� ��*�6�9"{���^�"��5g'�7��tv��H'����Y x��XMs�F��Wt���*y�o�)��k]�!���TjC`H� /Contents 8 0 R>> Users can also select a pre-made value stream map example for quick start if time is limited.

Value stream mapping (sometimes called VSM) is a lean manufacturing technique to analyze, design, and manage the flow of materials and information required to bring a product to a customer. x��X[o�6~��8�K7 eu��-E�`��&]1{�%�b#��.q�����|��*� v$�\��;�!�nf��ֳw���7�\�9�C��p?�ߗX�?�go��\Z��=X������g_)�Y:�\7`Q�R� �)���ݥ���� �6X���?^ϰ���8���yT���{R��̣/�/D�˒�7�����:�xz� ������ ;��~�4k|r#n�|%�eI��ָQ�\�G ��}N���7����)��-���^�]�^�-_���_��삒�,:��Z�����s�P�Jּt������A?�Ӽߝ�"�X��pS�$���݆n僠��+DsI7���P��y1|%7 �s���, �@��E>s��*׳�=&鴡�e~�y��k(8m�D����0q���c�~@�$�xp��l�B��%��Y�Y��P�Tx~ʢh��

�T#HV+�t��. 5 0 obj endobj The terminology stems from the metaphor of the production process as a steady stream of products where value is added for each step that the products take down stream. stream Value stream mapping (VSM) is a method for illustrating and analyzing the logic of a production process. /Annots [ 17 0 R 18 0 R 19 0 R ] <> Un (une ?) Also known as "material and information-flow mapping", it uses a system of standard symbols to depict various work streams and information flows. 6 0 obj Just try it, you will love it! }��hZ�m��[�r�H������4B��6Q|� �&o2W��^mT�_�Z�P*�*W�Zn@:ąlڎ:YAR5=� �� ���Q�>���4`����B��4�؟����*ă�;Z���sV�ꗅA&+���\r�][�6�=*6+vU�F���W��E��&$���;����A4Pl&��K��ԯxWL��c�.U:�G>���v���lQ��T*o�/]�{Q�+`@�iu�n��nm_X*�ӜgdB2 �m�*]�{��L �j�g�O�Z���&�clE��g]��C�Z�"_������6Q?�����E����� �4�d�8�N�"�]�%К��E_�4� ��o���ڽ:��Oc��4 Creating value stream map for PDF can be quite easy with Edraw value stream map software which makes a process as easy as a pie. endstream <> Step 2.

A value stream map is a diagram which describes a procedure used in lean manufacturing where the process of disseminating materials and information is streamlined to bring a product or service to the customer by creating the most efficient system possible.