My skin didn’t feel dry at all, and it was clear that no moisture had been lost overnight. Well Vaseline itself doesn't clog pores but I suppose with it being a barrier cream it won't allow your natural oils to come out of your skin. Even if you have skin conditions such as rosacea or psoriasis, it’s likely safe for you to use Vaseline. Vaseline is oil-based, which means it can seal in heat and aggravate your symptoms further. The process of slugging, which entails completing your normal nightly skin care routine, followed by slathering your face with Vaseline before you …

Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital, answered my questions head on. Vaseline will also seal in any oils or sebum that is on your skin when you apply it, so keep that in mind.The makers of Vaseline claim that their product is non-comedogenic, so you probably don’t have to worry about it aggravating your skin.

I knew that, in a nutshell, Vaseline was an occlusive, meaning it works to keep moisture from leaving the skin. This fast-acting lotion absorbs within 15 seconds and encourages resilient, healthy skin. You may be more familiar with other petroleum byproducts, such as kerosene and gasoline. “Vaseline contains petroleum jelly which is an occlusive ingredient,” he says. It also protects skin that’s been injured or irritated by forming a seal or barrier where it’s applied.

Another great way to improve the health of your skin, is to put Vaseline on your face before bed. It’s even a favorite for some as a moisturizer.What Vaseline does is seal existing moisture into your skin.

This means it’s more difficult for the skin to perform its natural breakout cycle and slough away dead skin cells, and the layer of Vaseline formed on the skin can trap bacteria. Applying Vaseline in areas where you often see psoriasis symptoms is a good proactive measure. Apply nightly to skin before going to sleep to moisturize overnight. All Rights Reserved. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Thus is the story of how I decided to try using Vaseline as my moisturizer. Most people with sensitive skin can use Vaseline on their face without any issue. That’s where the concerns come in. But unlike other forms of petroleum, Vaseline is safe to use on your skin and hands.

It’s also free of flavors and perfumes, so most people don’t need to worry about getting an allergic reaction from using it. I accredited this to the protective layer the Vaseline had created. I was curious about exactly how it could help skin, so I reached out for some professional advice.

Read below to discover my experience using Vaseline as a moisturizer. Vaseline doesn’t sink into the skin like a normal lotion—it literally just creates a coat of jelly that sits on top of the skin. Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition. I love a cream that sinks into the skin and I can feel deeply hydrating my face. I’ve been battling acne for years, and even after undergoing o when I stumbled across the people raving about Vaseline as a moisturizer on Reddit, I couldn’t help myself.

Petroleum is the main ingredient of Vaseline. You can use Vaseline on your face as a neat trick to style your eyebrows.

Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is a good, cost-effective moisturizer for dry skin on the body. The triggers and symptoms of rosacea vary widely from case to case, but Psoriasis outbreaks are more likely to happen if your skin is dry. Aquaphor, another petroleum jelly product, blends lanolin and ceresin to make the product moisturizing as well as occlusive.

Massage Vaseline into your hands and cuticles before bed and wake up with hydrated, soft cuticles. I had just used nine products before that all delivered serious hydration to my skin, and slathering on the Vaseline felt oddly satisfying, because I could really feel it sealing in all that moisture.

Vaseline locks in any moisture on your face without adding other ingredients that might irritate your skin. And the science doesn’t lie—it’s a strong occlusive that will keep your skin from breathing freely.

Vaseline itself won’t shrink your pores or treat wrinkles, but keeping your skin moisturized is an essential preventative measure to slow the signs of aging on your skin. Here’s the deal: Basically, people swear Vaseline has helped alleviate acne, pigmentation, and dryness when it’s used as a sleeping pack or a nighttime moisturizer.

The first night, it just felt weird. Vaseline easily removes makeup, protects sensitive skin, and can even be used to help small cuts and bruises heal.

From that perspective, I didn’t like it. But after just a couple of days, I had to stop. Vaseline locks in any moisture on your face without adding other ingredients that might irritate your skin. Vaseline is safe and even recommended for use on dry skin.