This is now my 5th one star review for VC. Today I received an email from this con artists saying that the item I sold there (item with retail value 2550 EUR) is not authentic! Vestiaire Collective also ranks 35th among Used Clothing sites. I received a refund for the item today. Alexander S, answered my emails so rudely with some words in shouty capitals! Sell!

I had only one issue and it was recently. VC took the commission for this 1000 euro coat and I am left with a useless item which I cannot wear and 1000 euro poorer. I had been messaging the seller, he said it was genuine but didn’t have the receipt.

Visit this website Wanted to make a formal complaint in the end and expressed this to the agent and he left the chat. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Their FAQs state that refunds by PayPal will be processed in 24 hours.

Very disappointing experience. Anyway they wanted to ship it back to me and to do that i needed to pay 16 euros then the shipping cost which is another 180 dollars. I really wanted to involve a lawyer and prosecute them for selling counterfeit but was too busy with work. Wondering, are they going to scam me now and send me a fake instead?

I’m still dealing with recieving payment for one item I did sell with them. Emma Jezard 2 reviews. I wonder what it's even for because when I received the coat, the tag was SO OBVIOUSLY fake, the fabric was cheap and loose thread was hanging off the seams. What a nightmare.
I wish to express my gratitude to Michael F, Matt and other customer service advisors for their positive approach and quick responses.

I trusted the vc team because it was a controversial item,a ball-shaped bag with the chanel logo that does not seem to identify with a serial number. Now questioning whether I should take the few items I’ve purchased from VC over the last few years to get authenticated.
Had a buyer who claimed to based in the UK buy 2 items and then provided an address for Direct Shipping which was not her own, but rather a man's name and an international forwarding company address. Appalling. I suffered from their so-called "team of experts" as a buyer last year when they sold me a fake LV Montaigne bag. They are bad spammers. I am now disputing with my credit card company to get my money back You tell me what do you think of this $#*!ty closet called vestiaire collective, do they have the right to dothat to people who trusted their app? Customer care is excellent, I addressed them so many times and they always try to find a way to help you. Customers can receive items being too large or too small?! A bunch of amateurs of course. I ordered a bag that came with 2 straps and it arrived with only 1. Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! I made 2 purchases from the app both of which were never sent and canceled by VC. Therefore, I can’t help but feel it isn’t and a tag was just stuck on. I nearly cried when I got a £400+ bill from customs which I couldn’t afford. I bought a speedy 35 which is rated "good condition" and it was okay. Just FYI Vestiaire - even though you deleted the page with my item now, I screenshoted everything: all my original pictures including the data code. I talked with support and got an email telling me they will do a gesture and send it back to me for free, then the package arrived through DHL and it turned out that i still have to pay to take my item back or i can ask dhl to send it back and never see my item again, their support team lied to my face about free shipping just to shut me up.

I had sold a beautiful vintage Hermès scarf for $170. I used to buy from vestiare collective until I faced my first problem. I do understand that while being under quality control, it would not be possible to check all measurements as well, but I have explained this valid argument and, upon their request, I have send the coat to VC. I paid 1000 francs for a product that does not correspond to the one seen in the seller's pictures. Well, it's been 24 hours and no refund. What does that make their authentication team? I officially don’t trust their authentication process.

Going back to selling on ebay as they are professional and considerate with sellers. Almost everywhere on the internet Vestiaire rates well. Fortunaley there are other platforms! I even sent a snapshot of the webpage that said the top was eligible for direct shipping and he still was adamant with his patronising emails that it could not possibly have been sent directly. 3 months ago to shop with them and now since 2 weeks selling as well. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore The rep said that not possible only in item comments can you leave a message.

How can I trust Vestiaire again?! 21 days later, a refund appears, no explanation.