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The vignette can only be used on one vehicle and cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. This way, we can keep providing you the best service. They had to pay the fine of €120 on the spot.

That’s more than the annual Austrian vignette price!Some roads in Austria which are particularly costly to construct and maintain have individual toll stations where The sectional tolls (single trip or annual permit) can be paid for in Since most tourists won’t have use of an annual sectional toll pass, I’m only including the single trip rates.The Austrian toll sticker must be stuck on the inside of the windscreen where it is Don’t think you can “share” a vignette with friends. These exceptions shall enter into force in five sections as of 15 December 2019. More websites Posted by vignette design at 3:03 PM 9 comments.

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Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Click You need to accept our cookie privacy policy before you can use this functionality And that’s when I was pulled off for In addition to police officials, the toll company Asfinag has around On multi-lane toll roads in Austria, cameras are used to check for vignettes. Main topics Failure to buy an Austrian vignette, the country’s toll pass, can result in a spot fine of at least €120. The digital vignette, unlike to its analogue sister, is bound to the license plate and offers greater convenience for holders of transferable number plates.

In case of damage to the windscreen and the consequent impairment of vignettes, can ask for a refund.

You take a bill when entering the highway and pay when leaving it. One lot came from Munich airport, tired after more than 24 hours in transit with kids.

As this situation is new to us too and demands special solutions, we kindly asl you to call us only in important matters.

2013. Fee category Weekly Monthly Yearly 6-month County ; D1 : HUF 3 500 : HUF 4 780 : HUF 42 980 : HUF 28 680 : HUF 5 000 : D1M : HUF 1 470 : HUF 2 500 - - - D2 : HUF 7 000 : HUF 9 560 : HUF 42 980 - … It’s not possible to take a vignette off one window and stick it on another. Highway vignette prices in 2019. Previously, the Austrian motorway vignette only came in the form of a For various reasons (details below) the digital vignette isn’t an option for most tourists, especially those renting a car from a country outside of Austria.Asfinag toll booths, for example on the Brenner pass between Italy and Austria, also sell the vignette. The toll sticker has been compulsory on Austria's motorways and expressways since 1997.

For Austria you need the vignette for Highways. We’ve had two sets of guests who were stopped close to Innsbruck around midnight. Profession: Travel blogger and freelance writerWe keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible.

That said, there are two things that can land tourists in hot water with the local authorities. The wet bar is done!

For Brennerautobahn there is a extra toll for Europabrücke. You could avoid the roads requiring a Vignette, as Switzerland has many other roads one can use. (PDF, 717.2 kB)

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