You wear it daily for support, shape, coverage and to act as a protective layer between your body and clothes.

"adFoldLocation": "BTF", "targetName": "", Do you want to continue? But for many women, owning and wearing matching underwear is just as important as buying trendy tops and well-fitting trousers or dresses that flatter the figure. Seamless underwear is made from blended fabrics that contain some spandex or other stretchy microfibre for a snug, secure fit. Tip: For the most accurate results, measure yourself in your undergarments. "adPos": "Medium_Rectangle_300_x_250_1_4a6e2cae", var adObj = { deferredAdsList[adObj.adPos] = adObj; Exclusive to Walmart, the George clothing brand is fashionable and affordable, with styles that take you from Monday to Friday, and all weekend long! "adPos": "Medium_Rectangle_300_x_250_2_4a6e2cae",

Both fabrics have a low allergy potential, which is why underwear and sweaters made from them are suitable for people whose skin is particularly sensitive or prone to allergic reactions such as redness or rashes. And because no strict international sizing standards are currently implemented in underwear manufacturing, the search for the perfect-fitting underwear can sometimes be a real challenge. Like most women’s underwear, briefs are made from breathable stretch fabrics for a comfortable, snug fit. "adCallout": false, Underwear designed for women with curves in sizes 9 to 13. Women’s briefs can be plain, brightly coloured or covered in fun prints to suit your style. With their longer length and full coverage, boy shorts can also be used as sleepwear or be worn when lounging around the house. Plus-size lingerie sets are also available for romantic evenings or if you like wearing matching bras and panties under your clothes. Thanks to its elastic properties, the material adapts optimally to the contours of the body and impresses wearers with the comfort it provides. To obtain the correct size, the hip circumference should be measured without outerwear (i.e. Due to their low linting tendency, mixed fabrics with elastane are mainly used in the manufacture of sportswear and underwear.Viscose, also known as artificial silk, is produced from regenerated cellulose. var isInSlideShow = adEl.closest(".slideshow-bxslider"); if(isInSlideShow) {

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This style of underwear helps you stay cool, comfortable and covered as you doze.When buying underwear like lingerie for special occasions, it can make sense to buy matching sets for a complete look. You may also prefer French-cut underwear for the lighter coverage they provide. Copyright © 2020 Fruit of The Loom, Inc. All Rights ReservedCopyright © 2020 Fruit of The Loom, Inc. All Rights Reserved This natural, hypoallergenic fiber is ideal for the production of comfortable underwear.

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It comes in a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, microfibre, lace, mesh and silk, so you can pick the one that you find the most comfy.

Find out which size is best for your measurements and how to get the right fit of bras, bodies, pyjamas and more. }

Just because underwear is meant to be worn under your clothes doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with fashion.

"targetName": "", Sizes : S/M . Choose lingerie underwear when you want to reveal your curves for a flirty look on special occasions.