The sudden death of the 65-year-old American entrepreneur and pioneer of the American animation industry, Walt Disney, still remains a mystery to … The eldest and only living daughter of Walt and Lillian Disney, Diane Disney Miller, died today at her home in Napa, California.

A guest at Walt Disney World has reportedly fallen to her death in a recent incident at one of the park hotels, prompting an investigation from the Orange County Sheriff's Office in response.

More mice! It was an act that haunted his dreams for years, and that episode and other close encounters with death would mark Disney's life and his work — and thus the collective imagination of Disney fans across the globe.There is a persistent, and unsubstantiated, rumor that Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen body resides in a vault, waiting to be restored to life when summer returns to Arendelle and modern science triumphs over death. Spying a big brown owl in an orchard near his family's Missouri farm, the boy crept up behind the animal and grabbed it. But his death, like those depicted in his films, would be transcended by the millions of lives he touched along the way.American animator and director Walt Disney (1901-1966), whose name is synonymous all over the world with children's cartoon films, particularly those featuring Mickey Mouse, his first cartoon character.

)Floyd Norman, meanwhile, a Disney animator on The Jungle Book and The Sword in the Stone, notes: “Very often in meetings, Walt would have a cigarette in his hand. Experts claim that what he didn’t know may have killed him. It's easy to see how the rumor may have been started since, from the beginning of Disney's career, as chronicled by professor Gary Laderman of Emory University, the American icon had a curious obsession with death.

[1] St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, CA. She was 79. The long-running REELZ docu-series “Autopsy: The Last Hours of …” profiles the vices that may have led to Walt Disney’s death from lung cancer at a Burbank, California hospital in 1966.“Disney smoked since he was young.

Walt Disney, the one-time ... Hospital and studio spokesmen declined to state the specific cause of death, saying only that he died of “acute circulatory collapse.” "From the evil queen's desire to kill a beautiful maiden in Disney's personal encounters with death continued to multiply during that period. Walt Disney’s Wife, Children and Grandchildren He is pictured during a visit to England for the filming of 'The Sword And The Rose.' Find REELZ on your local cable or satellite provider at In Touch Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.In Touch Weekly is part of the American Media Entertainment Group.The series next examines the circumstances of how studio founder Walt Disney diedThe Disney Studios founder is credited with being the father of the American animation industry. "You go back and tell Walt. Walt Disney. AKA Walter Elias Disney. After Disney's death, his brother Roy took control of the Disney companies and changed the focus of EPCOT from a town to an attraction. The story of Walt Disney, for all its wholesome charm, would never earn a G rating. Walt Disney World expanded with the opening of Epcot Center in 1982; Walt Disney's vision of a functional city was replaced by a … We used to say that he’d light one cigarette with one match in the morning and then he’d never use another match because he’d light cigarette from cigarette.” (Crump is known for his work with Disney on Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp and Sleeping Beauty. The graveyard romp turned out to be a macabre hit, and over the next decades, as America faced economic hardship, war, nuclear annihilation and drastic social change, Disney's films helped the nation navigate good and evil, vice and virtue. Bambi's perseverance in the wake of losing his mother, Snow White finding happiness with her prince or Pinocchio with his father — these are the moments that drew generations of fans to Disney's compelling brand of family fantasy.In the end, it was lung cancer that brought the dancing skeletons to Disney's door in 1966.

The link between smoking and lung cancer started to be made in the 1940s and ‘50s. Born: 5-Dec-1901 Birthplace: Chicago, IL Died: 15-Dec-1966 Location of death: Burbank, CA Cause of death: Cancer - Lung Remains: Cremated, Fo. The story of Walt Disney, for all its wholesome charm, would never earn a G rating.

one asked Walt's brother Roy. Perhaps the most scarring incident, however, was the tragic, accidental death of Disney's mother, Flora.

In 1938, following the success of Snow White, Disney bought his parents a home in North Hollywood. Shortly after moving in, they complained of gas fumes coming from the furnace, and Disney promptly dispatched some studio hands to fix it. As late as 1960s, only one-third of U.S. doctors believed that the case against cigarettes had been established,” says series expert, Dr. Michael Hunter.For more, watch ”Autopsy: The Last Hours of… Walt Disney,” on REELZ on Sunday, August 9, at 8 p.m. ET.Watch REELZ on DIRECTV 238, Dish Network 299, Verizon FiOS 692, AT&T U-verse 1799 and in HD on cable systems and streaming services nationwide. And for most of his early tales, as Laderman observes, "death, or the threat of death, is the motor, the driving force that enlivens each narrative. "5 delicious dishes that will teach you American historyBut if Disney was in touch with anything as much as his own mortality, it was the sentiments of his audience. But as Laderman is quick to remind us, it is not the presence of death that gives so many Disney films their "mythic power in American culture" — it is the happy ending or redemption for which death so often serves as the conduit. Theater managers were aghast.

Like many of the brilliant cartoonist's creations, it is a tale inextricably tied to death and, in Disney's case, one that starts with a stunning act of animal cruelty — and we don't mean the slaughter of Bambi's mother.It was a lazy, hot Sunday afternoon, and 7-year-old Walter Elias Disney was bored. He won a record 22 Academy Awards during a Hollywood career that spanned 43 years. But away from the spotlight, “Uncle Walt” was known as an obsessive workaholic who coped with crippling pain and stress.Cigarettes provided relief and clarity to the anxious American icon and innovator. "What's he trying to do, ruin us?"