Get out of the car and explore … African wild dogs, meer cats). Also on day 2 we hired the cart and went around again to see our favourites. Rovers Run Bed & Bone 105R Minore Rd 0414 333 210 6887 2310. Normally bike rental is $15 but as part of your Zoofari Lodge stay you get free hire. Endangered animals at the park include the Asian elephants, black and white rhinoceros and the bongo. Taronga Western Plains Zoo Itself. The Cheetah is often referred to as the “ghost of the grasses’’ in Africa and is the fastest land mammal.Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo was the first zoo in the world to have successfully bred cheetahs and is home to an incredibly rare King Cheetah named Kyan.Wild tigers are facing a difficult future, but Taronga are fighting for a wildly bright one! On the first day, we rode our bikes around the whole zoo.

Driving around and pulling young kids out of the car several times every 500m gets very tiresome though (I can see the benefit of a cart for this very reason). Our Lodge had a king bed plus a sofa bed for the kids.The Bushland View Lodges are set back with no direct view over the animals. Take your family on zoofari to Taronga Western Plains Zoo! COVID set Guided tours, cycles and electric carts available. ‎Lions and Elephants, Tigers and Giraffe, Koalas and Meerkats … There are hundreds of animals to see and over 15 talks, tours and encounters every day at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. ... Obley Rd, Dubbo, New South Wales NSW 2830 Australia. Taronga Western Plains Zoo, formerly known as (and still commonly referred to as) Western Plains Zoo and commonly known as Dubbo Zoo, is a large zoo near Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Since many animals are most active at dawn and dusk these are excellent times to get out and about with an expert guide.Tours from Zoofari Lodge are taken on this safari style busThe bus goes along routes only used by zoo staff, this is a real behind the scenes tour. The zoo does not provide anything but there are some good day kennels in Dubbo near the Zoo: Pinecrest Boarding Kennels and Cattery 28R Minore Rd 6882 1842. The zoo was opened initially to provide more grazing and breeding space for large animals such as elephants and antelopes, with 35 animals from six countries. Email. The vegetarian options were terrific by the way, no whinging from my husband as he tucked into a spicy chickpea and veggie curry.The desserts blew us away though, we hadn’t expected the food to be so 5 star. These captivate my kids a great deal more than just reading the information boards.There are all sorts of bits of information to be learned, and the obvious passion of the animals keepers is very inspiring too.Cheetah feeding time and keeper talk, we learned that female cheetahs cannot live together but the bachelors like these ones canI think that these tours were the best thing about our stay at Zoofari Lodge, they were a real treat.There is always one tour after dinner, plus another very early in the morning. The wildlife spotting can be fantastic. This rhino was being fed and is getting used to having visitors around him.We loved seeing the old lady Indian elephant being hosed by her keepers too, and hearing about all the elephants in Australian Zoos.Did you know there are no African elephants in Australia at all?Foot washing is all part of the daily routine for elephants and their keepers.We had an Animal View Lodge, set right in front of a massive savannah which was teeming with African animals. With as few as 400 Sumatran Tigers left, we are deadly serious about protecting this wild species and their habitat.Taronga is proud to be part of a regional conservation management plan for Sumatran Tigers including breeding, research, fundraising and community action to support sustainably produced palm oil.The Giraffe is the tallest of all animals, with males sometimes growing up to 5.5 metres in height and weigh over 1000 kg!Giraffe are facing a silent extinction in the wild with numbers decreasing due to habitat loss and human conflict, however Taronga's successful breeding program is working towards developing a better future for these graceful animals.There are four species of zebra; the Plains Zebra, Grevy’s Zebra, Cape Mountain Zebra and Hartmann's Mountain Zebra.You can meet our Plains Zebra at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo.They might look cute and cuddly, but these compact critters are capable of killing a cobra!Taronga has successful Meerkat breeding programs at both Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo.Koalas are not only an Australian icon they have an important place in Aboriginal culture through shared stories, dance and rock art.

Whether you walk, drive or ride around the Zoo's five kilometre circuit on hired bikes or carts, there's so much to see and do. With your Zoofari Zoo Lodge stay you also get two amazing behind-the-scenes zoo tours accompanied by a Zoofari Guide, and including some terrific animal encounters. Read about what you can see and do to plan for your future visit.Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo is now open! A delicious concoction of meringue, chocolate, raspberries, cream and ice cream had us drooling. (More on prices at the bottom of this post. Before visiting please make sure you read our COVID Safe information and stay home if you are feeling unwell or have been instructed to self isolate.We've been working hard to make sure Taronga Western Plains Zoo is safe for you and our staff. At Taronga we have made a conservation commitment to the Asian Elephant. See hundreds of rare and endangered animals in this huge open range sanctuary. Being the middle of winter a lot of the animals were not as mobile but that didn't matter.