It then crosses the top of the Eyre Peninsula as it continues eastwards for 470 kilometres (290 mi), before reaching the city of Port Augusta. The Nullarbor gets its name from Latin for "no tree",Eyre Highway begins at the town of Norseman, on the Because of its remoteness, some widened sections of the highway serve as emergency airstrips for the An alternative route between Ceduna and Port Augusta, formerly signed Alternate Route 1An inland route across the Nullarbor was established with the 1912 to 1917 construction of the The construction of the telegraph had resulted in a In May 1941, following the construction of the central north–south While initial estimates placed the construction cost at £125,000 over a period of four months, it actually cost twice as much, and was not completed until June 1942,By the middle of the century, several water tanks with up to 44,000 imperial gallons (200,000 l; 53,000 US gal) capacity were located alongside the highway, including at Madura Pass, Moonera, Cocklebiddy, and 28 miles (45 km) east of Mundrabilla.In the 1930s and 1940s, the Western Australian Nomenclature Advisory CommitteeThe South Australian section was named Eyre Highway on 20 May 1943, with the portion from Murat Bay (Ceduna) to the state border declared a main road.The state of Eyre Highway remained relatively unchanged throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

Mark Sanders: 8/23/16 11:18 PM: Near me there is a local road called the Carragarmungee Estate Road, which is close at 24 lol . Eyre Highway is perfect, for that occasion. This road is over 24,000kms which makes it the longest national highway in the world and as a road trip definitely not for the faint of heart. The road received yearly maintenance, but further, more expensive works were not warranted due to the low traffic volume of approximately fourteen vehicles per day.In South Australia, a decade-long program to seal the highway began in the mid-1960s. Re: Longest street name in Australia? However, note that not all of them are open 24/7, so you might want to be prepared for anything, that might come up along the way.Due to its lack of communities and landforms, the surrounding area has been used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service as an emergency airstrip. Best Place to Live, Study, or Spend Vacations There have been larger-scale works including reconstruction of sections near Caiguna, Balladonia, and the Frazer Range in Western Australia,Map of South Australia and southern Western Australia with Eyre Highway highlighted in redIn Western Australia, approximately 280 out 452 miles (450 out of 727 km)Eyre Highway (January 1977). A Australia is a huge country and doing the whole Highway 1 will certainly take several weeks; even the shortest of the sections below are almost a 1,000-km drive. Also, read up on the weather conditions for the time you plan to go. Under the original Highway 1 scheme, certain major traffic routes that ran parallel to the main route were designated The entirety of Highway 1 was originally marked with a National Route 1 shield (black number on a white shield).

Western Roads: official journal of the Main Roads Department, Western Australia, 2(1), p. 2–6. Australian traffic rules may be different from what you are used to at home; moreover, you may need to get an international driver's license to be allowed to drive in the country. Throughout the 24,000 kms the quality of the road varies to a great degree. The route. Either way, this Australian road is definitely one to remember.This part of the highway is also used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service as an emergency runway.Mundrabilla Roadhouse, a typical Nullarbor is your guide to quirky, weird and beautiful places to visit around the world. This section of the highway, commonly known as the "90 Mile Straight", is regarded as the longest straight stretch of road in Australia and one of the longest in the world. In October 1972 the Ceduna to Penong seal was completed, and the final link to be sealed, between Penong and the state border, was completed with a ceremony held on 29 September 1976 near Wigunda Tank, South Australia.Between Yalata and the state border, the highway was realigned and deviated considerably from the original unsealed route. The Nullarbor Plain lives up to its name, from the Latin for "no trees." While the Eastern part of the road has a couple of small towns, the Western area is almost entirely deserted.This is how Eyre Highway looks, for most of the distance.Many consider crossing the Nullarbor Plain a long and boring trek that should be travelled as quickly as possible.Not to worry, though. This land doesn’t have any lakes, rivers – or even trees. The first section to be completed was the 462-kilometre (287 mi) route between Port Augusta and Ceduna, in December 1967. Eyre Highway: the Longest Straight Road in Australia A set of road signs just west of the Nullarbor Roadhouse, South Australia, warning of camels, wombats and kangaroos crossing the Eyre Highway for the next 96 km in a westerly direction. It's marked "1", "M1", "A1" or "B1" depending on the type and the quality of the route. It’s safe to say, that the English explorer didn’t enjoy much of his journey along the 77 220 square miles piece of limestone. Cheers. In addition, we feature unusual hotels and restaurants.Eyre Highway: the Longest Straight Road in Australia The Beauty of Adelaide. In 1974, the segments of the route that were declared part of the Since that time, all states and territories except for From Sydney, it heads southwards to Melbourne via the Large sections of Highway 1 are shared with the Australian The 715 km (444 mi) section from the eastern end of the Carpentaria Highway at With such a vast length, road conditions vary greatly;Highway 1 covers practically every major inhabited part of Australia. I know there's the Diamantina Developmental Road which comes in at 26 characters long, but are there any longer ones than that? The longest road in Australia is Highway 1, it is the only road that makes an entire tour across the entire continent of Australia, except Tasmania. "Australia's Longest Straight Road, 145.6 km," a sign announces.