It likely won't be the Raptors.Andre Drummond is an elite rebounder and very good defensive player despite the Pistons getting destroyed at the rim. This season Rozier has struggled with efficiency and has never been an above average playmaker. That's probably a tactic better used when the team is mediocre and needs help selling tickets and merchandise.Dewayne Dedmon is a solid defensive big, but doesn't provide much offensively. He wouldn't get minutes if he were on the Raptors.Kelly Oubre has been playing his best basketball with the Suns. The Raptors may have swept the Warriors in the regular season, but you are in for a rude awakening if you think that means the Raptors can beat them in the finals this season without adding a superstar. Somebody that needs a backup center should trade for him, but that isn't going to be the Raptors.Terry Rozier is a decent defender, but opposing defenders aren't scared of him. The Wizards aren't good, but really have no incentive to force a trade since they have control over Beal until the summer of 2021. Could the Raptors upgrade those third stringers? If not, what about Serge Ibaka straight up for Porter? He would provide shooting and rebounding which the Raptors could use. As a contributor to Forbes, I will explain how finances and leadership are guiding the visions of the Toronto Blue Jays, Raptors, Leafs and Buffalo Bills.Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.I cover the Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Buffalo Bills against the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on January 20, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Carroll trade from the summer, for example, saw the Raptors send out more salary than they took back, creating an $11.8-million exception in the process. The Celtics probably don't want to pay him this summer, so they may look to trade him to a young team that needs a point guard. If a team is willing to take on his sizable contract they are taking a big gamble. Even if the odds of the Raptors landing Davis is extremely low they could offer a package built around Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby. In addition to He's not worth the gamble with how much money he's owed. And keeping Kanter seems like the right thing.In theory, Terrence Ross is good.

There's probably not a deal here that makes sense.Thad Young wouldn't fill a specific skill of need for the Raptors, but he's just a really good impactful player. The Wizards might not even want Ibaka, but I think it's worth checking in on Otto Porter.Marvin Williams is a low usage player who is decent on both ends of the floor, and his three-point shooting would really come in handy for Toronto. This has to be the dream if you are a Raptors fan. However, he's been really inconsistent and you have to wonder if age is playing a factor here, as he's now 30-years-old. The Suns clearly aren't in love with him because they made it clear they wanted Brooks in the famous "wrong Brooks" trade. As I mentioned in part one, the Raptors should be hesitant to trade Ibaka — who would likely be in the deal for salary-matching purposes — for a … The Raptors could use someone who would complement the speed and agility they already have throughout the lineup. However, his history of injuries has become alarming especially when you consider he's owed over $140M between now and the summer of 2023. Bender is looking like a bust just like Jonathan Bender, who the Raptors drafted for the Pacers in 2005.

Would you take them if you could have them for free? That’s when a stacked free agent class, headlined by reigning MVP To keep their options open for 2021, Toronto has to make sure it doesn’t take on salary that extends beyond next season. It's sad because prior to getting traded to the Hornets it leaked that he wanted to play for the Raptors.Joe Harris has been one of the best shooters in the league this season. It's not that the Raptors don't have trade assets, because this team is packed with talent. However, it's hard to forget him disappearing towards the end of last year and being atrocious in the playoffs aside from game one against the Wizards. If the Raptors were going to get a point guard from the Pistons it would be Jose Calderon so they can retire his number.Dennis Smith was a highly rated prospect. At this point, Toronto fans can trust him to make the right decision whatever he choses to do. So what type of player should they go after? The Raptors are 2.5 games out of 2nd place and will look to add talent at the trade deadline, per Woj I don’t know if this means a significant move is on the way, but it certainly seems like Masai Ujiri will make a splash. We are an Eastern Conference winning team, but not an NBA championship winning team. Maybe they can do it without a bold move at the trade deadline, but the Bucks are going to be the clear favorite in any matchup. With Victor Oladipo out for the season, it makes sense that the Pacers could see what they could get for Thad. Markelle Fultz may or may not be a bust, but the Raptors certainly don't need the drama that surrounds him.Kent Bazemore is currently injured, but is expected to return this season. ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JANUARY 20: Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors reacts during the first half It’s hard to tell exactly what the Toronto Raptors are and how high their ceiling could be because injuries have not allowed their starting lineup to spend enough time together. 1 seed, only 6.5 games behind the My guess is the Raptors would benefit from making a move in some capacity. This is the reason the Raptors should save their assets.

He's not good, but there are probably some other bad teams out there willing to take a shot on him. Terrence Ross once dropped 51 points for the Raptors in a loss to the Clippers which pretty well sums up his career.