3). Sie gelten als maßgebliche Wegbereiter des Symphonic Rock, werden aber auch anderen Sub-Genres wie Art Rock oder dem nicht gitarrenorientierten Lush Pop[1] zugeordnet. Pinder: We did the Beatles’ last tour of England [before] we reformed the Moody Blues. But then "Everyday", another Pinder-Laine song, stalled at No. (In 1991, halfway through the production of their new studio album, Patrick Moraz did an interview with The group remained a steady concert draw, and a series of video and audio versions of their 1992 The group also continued their use of additional musicians on stage and in the studio, but after the two legal suits from both Pinder in 1981 and Moraz in 1992, the band was careful not to recognise future keyboardists as official members. We´re waiting to see "I wasn't content to just carry on this gig just to bring money in. After Edge injured himself in 1991, second drummer Gordon Marshall was brought in to back him up; he stayed with the group after Edge returned and remained in the position until autumn of 2015 when he left to play in a Moody Blues cover band "Legend of a Band" and another cover band "Reflections". Clarke was also forced to leave because of non-musical reasons before the album was completed, but by the spring of 1978 The Moody Blues toured the US and Europe during much of 1979. Only to do What can be done. Justin Hayward The band had begun to reinforce their concert sound in 1986 with the addition of a second keyboardist. Graeme Edge

Engineer Derek Varnals also contributed heavily to the creation of the early Moody's studio sound, working with Pinder and Clarke to create a more symphonic overlapping sound on the mellotron as opposed to the sharp 'cut off' the instrument normally gave, partly achieved by removing all the "sound effects" tapes (trains, whistles, cockerel crowing, etc.) Ray Thomas The Official Moody Blues website is the best place for news, merchandise, VIP ticketing, interactive forums and information about The Moody Blues. The Moody Blues sind eine britische Rockband. Pinder's songs "A Simple Game" (1968) and "So Deep Within You" (1969) were successfully covered by In late 1972, a re-issue of the five-year-old "Nights in White Satin" became the Moody Blues' biggest US hit, soaring to number two on the The Moodies were also among the pioneers of the idea that a successful rock band could promote itself through their own label, following the Beatles' creation of In the spring of 1974, after completing a vast world tour that culminated with a tour of Before the band's 1973–74 world tour (their last with Pinder), Hayward wrote a song called "Island" with the intention of including it on a potential follow-up album, which the Moodies recorded in 1973 before ultimately going their separate ways. (However, as appearances on French TV show, they continued to do two covers through at least the first half of 1968: the Hayward-sung "The Moody Blues agreed, but insisted that they be given artistic control of the project, and Mendl (as executive producer) was able to provide this despite Decca's notoriously tight-fisted attitude to their artists.Deram executives were initially sceptical about the hybrid style of the resulting concept album.Clarke produced the album, and afterwards continued working with the band. 44 in October 1965 and no further British singles were released for about a year. Sometimes known to fans as "The Sixth Moodie", he produced their albums and singles for the next eleven years. Paul Bliss Pop mystics of the rock era whose impeccably produced albums exuded pseudo-classical glory, driven by lush Mellotron orchestrations. Unter den noch aktiven Bands der so genannten British Invasion sind die Moody Blues nach den Rolling Stones und The Who die dauerhaft erfolgreichsten, vor allem in den USA, wo sie nach wie vor jedes Jahr toure… Despite their fledgling songwriting efforts and the access they had to American demos, this version of Never failing, like millions of bees. Problem solved, time cannot be won. Music by The Moody Blues From Their album: Days of Future Passed I see it all through my window it seems. From 1991 to 1998 the group took a hiatus from recording and spent time trying to perfect the art of performing live with an orchestra.