I think it needs to be given another season, also if the tv station was smart they would renew Tommy and if they have any episodes that were new yet from season 1 playing them now would give you viewers maybe you didn’t have before since all other stations have reruns. Really pissed off !!! CBS this morning renewed 18 shows for a total of 23 scripted/reality series and newsmagazines picked up for next season. Will Tommy be cancelled or renewed for season two? For the past seven years, Tommy McFly, Jen Richer, and Kelly Collis have been a huge part of morning radio and many Washingtonians’ daily commutes as "The Tommy Show," which aired from 6 to 10 a.m. every weekday morning on 94.7 WIAD. the least you could do is a mini movie or longer show to wrap up the storylines you got us hooked on, it’s the least you can do not only with this show any show you cancel with a cliff hanger. Never fails, 911, 911 Lone Star, Grays Anatomy, The Rookie and I could keep on about all the great shows that feature at least one or more prominent gay … This show is the kind of show with police officers that shows good and bad behavior by officers, but Tommy was showing that bad behavior is NOT ALLOWED on her police force. they are moronsNo infringement of previously copyrighted material is intended on this site. Get you hooked then yank them away …. Cancelled/renewed TV shows: ‘Carol’s Second Act,’ ‘Tommy’ and more meet their fates. All rights Popular morning show "The Tommy Show" was abruptly canceled after their Tuesday morning airing, leaving both the fans and The Tommy Show team stunned. Networks cancel to quickly and don’t give new shows a chance to build a following.Not real happy about this being cancelled. After airing only the first season, CBS has decided to cancel the show just as the audience was getting amped up to follow the enthralling journey of the brilliant NYPD officer Abigail “Tommy” Thomas.“Tommy” revolves around an NYPD officer who rises to the top of her organization as the new and first female Chief of Police in Los Angeles. Find out the cancel/renew status of Tommy TV show. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the show itself but I am sick and tired of every single show coming out having in your face homosexual content. Read on for a complete list of shows just cancelled by CBS. I think it 3a show that would show kids that police officers are not all the same. Diverse cast. It's got to be something that I share the vision of or there's gonna be a reason I want to be saying whatever it is the show might be saying to an audience. Why? It was well acted and interesting. Kids watch these shows. The cancelation news of TV show Tommy was heartbreaking for both fans and the cast. Please bring it back for a second season!!!!! Meanwhile, 15 other series were announced to be returning for the 2020-2021 TV season.

“Tommy” revolves around an NYPD officer who rises to the top of her … I’m sure I will take a bit of flaming for this but I’d like to see the show cancelled.

Tommy won’t be back on patrol next season.CBS just announced that the network has cancelled the cop drama and won’t be ordering a second season for the 2020-21 broadcast season.. Edie is a superb actress and the show was very close to what really goes on in police departments when a woman is in charge. Great!I enjoyed the show. Not to mention it was just gearing up for a new situation! Who decides this stuff ? Thoroughly enjoyed joyed show.

Please, please reconsider cancelling Tommy. See below to discover whether there be Season 2 of Tommy! CBS really got it wrong with this, and needs to reconsider, or another station needs to pick it up.This is a show so classy that we really enjoyed. Status: Cancelled. Updated May 13, 2020 11:51 am . A dramatic series, the Tommy TV show stars Edie Falco, … Here is a list of canceled CBS shows: 'Tommy' and three more! Cop, out. My husband and I loved Tommy. Starring Edie Falco as the first female police chief in Los Angeles, Abigail "Tommy" Thomas uses her "unflinching honesty and hardball tactics to keep social, political and national security issues from hindering effective law enforcement in the Southland."