congrats (and happy 1st birthday!) Congratulations to Rachelle and Jayson Wilkinson on the safe arrival of their quintuplets.The Cedar Park mom gave birth to quintuplets Tuesday morning, breaking a national record in the process.The three girls and two boys weighed a combined 21 pounds, 7.2 ounces, besting the previous heaviest quintuplets by 6 ounces, according to doctors at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix.Rachelle Wilkinson and her babies were doing well after the Caesarean section birth there, family members said, and people across the country were already calling Tuesday to congratulate and offer donations.It’s Central Texas’ second set of quintuplets; the first was born in 2002 to a Kyle family.“It was kind of overwhelming,” said the babies’ father, Jayson Wilkinson. We love you and hope you never move away! Pamela Prindle Fierro is the author of several parenting books and the mother of twin girls.Joel Forman, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and associate professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine, and public health at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “It was kind of overwhelming,” said the babies’ father, Jayson Wilkinson. (He was so nervous, he actually hung up on her once and frantically had to call her back. That was so great to read! You’re like a traveling circus everywhere you go,” said Friar, a mother of triplets and a board member of the San Antonio Area Mothers of Multiples group.Rachelle Wilkinson said she and her husband always wanted a family that was big enough to fit comfortably in a minivan.All the babies appear to be breathing independently. So how is the family doing today? This is a fabulous story!!!! Looking at the babies now, it is hard to believe that they were ever that small!Preparing for the C-section was an all-night process. I can't believe it's been a year! Medically reviewed by Brian Levine, MD, MS, FACOG Having had twin daughters (37) and twin g/children (12)- I love reading your blog. Hannah, Lucy, Ruth, Sarah, Kate and Jennifer have reportedly remained close, with some of the sisters continuing to live at home with their parents.

What an amazing birth story! Thanks for sharing your journey so freely as always. I started reading your blog when you were still pregnant. When I got there, my mom and aunt Jeanie were already there waiting for us. You have a very beautiful, blessed family. Thanks for sharing all the details of such a wonderful birth story!

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The second video is a lot longer and is a basic overview of our family and what things are like on a daily basis here: Labels: byu, football, quintuplets. (after the delivery we discovered that I had all the symptoms of preeclampsiaMe, just before being wheeled to the delivery room.The delivery room itself was divided into two parts. The McCaughey septuplets – that's right, seven babies! Tahnk you for being inspirational to me when I needed it most. (That is at least 29 people!

Having quintuplets was just something that happened to us and looking back, I am so glad it did. Posted by Rachelle at ... Labels: birth story, quintuplets. He didn't get to see the babies for an hour and b/c I was so sick, I didn't see them for about 28 hours. What sweet miracle babes! The fraternal sextuplets (from left), Collin, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Aaden and Hannah, were born on May 10, 2004. That brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely amazing. It is amazing how much has happened in the last year.