No Comments Yet Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. See all reviews. On the surface, North Harbor, CT is a typical but quaint town, but through the events that unfold in Witch Hunt, we and Violet, discover that it’s much more! Page was recently declared to be completely innocent of any of the offenses he was accused of and will likely get a huge payday from the government because they virtually ruined his life. She is an expensive hired assassin, and the only person who has come close to catching her is former British Intelligence Agent Dominic Elder. A reader might guess where a story involving a stern Scottish witch hunter and a divided village of bereaved women might go. Any criminal convictions obtained related to the phony investigation of Trump will result in further draining of the swamp, the removal of swamp ratsTalk about dumbed down. Jarrett lays out how the Mueller Report was totally biased and spells it out by citing numerous examples.

Be ready for your blood to boil as Mr. Jarrett exposes the weaponizing of the law. Highlights of the lies told and the basis of the narrative of blatant falsehoods. The bias against this POTUS, ironically by a group that spends their entire existence pointing out biases on others from implied racismThis is a well researched and detailed book that sheds light on the shenanigans of the Trump Haters on the left and on the right. Talk about abuse of power.Stunning!

I highly recommend it; it is an awesome book. Today I read a reasoned argument that, under some reasonable conditions related to the current Democrat crop, this election cycle could see the US transitioning to a three-party nation soon, and the Deep State minions will have themselves to blame - but then they will find a new way to burrow further into the power structure. All Rights Reserved. So many people wanted to believe the contents of this dossier because of their hatred for Trump and they cheered the sordid tales as Trump supporters laughed at the absurdity. And they are not "the alternative facts" either.

It was worth the wait. And no, I’m not offended that the book’s cover design is somewhat similar to my novel (Seriously, I loved this book, and think you will too. Jarrett has numerous pages of notes and citations to back him up.Well done, Gregg Jarrett!

In Ian Rankin's Witch Hunt, the chase is as compelling as the outcome. Even today, many of the liberal media will not admit that it was false regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. by We’d love your help. Furthermore, the Inspector General's report on the application for the FSA warrant which was basis for much of the investigation validates this. Before Violet can fret too much about the fallout from Carla’s verbal firestorm, she’s being asked by North Harbor police about Carla’s murder. Trump wanted him to take charge of the inquiry by shutting it down. Dan Bongino.

Jarrett, who is not only an experienced attorney but also a long-time media analyst, carefully documents the many attempts by media and anti-Trumpers to destroy the president.

by C.J. This is not something most people think would ever happen in America but it has and iExcellent step-by-step explanation of the democratic attack upon the presidency of the US. Names, legal statutes, dates, falsehoods, intimidation, and corruption centered mostly in the FBI, the DOJ and national intelligence agencies are all documented.