There was always a problem to solve or a villain to bring down. Take a crack at it once and see if you like it at all. This will usually give a very strong clue to what your true passions are.I know there are many other more comprehensive techniques to determine your passions. This is when you get to tell other aspects of your story and give other people a real insight into your business, passions and life.Once people are engaged in a deeper conversation with you about your story, this is where you’ll reveal some or part of your entrepreneur’s journey (which you identified in the previous chapter). It’s true that your story will resonate with different people on different levels and to different degrees. It’s like James Bond meets CSI, except you’re an accountant.’Finally speaking about his passion, Bill had suddenly become a lot more interesting. I was interviewing him for an article about careers in accounting. But unless you can find a way of making it useful enough for people to pay you to do it, happiness and success aren’t guaranteed.And if you don’t have a passion, don’t worry. It’s not just about the numbers. But when you’re still getting to know someone, you want a slow comfortable burn so that people aren’t overwhelmed with too much information. Passion fuels innovation, builds a fantastic team and makes the impossible possible.I want to express my passion in all that I do. When you let other people share your entrepreneurial journey, you not only empower them to help you pursue your passions, you open the door to opportunities that may have once seemed out of reach.Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, get a notepad and step away from your computer. They are just the technical tools we use. But if you met them in a social setting — say, at an informal networking drinks session — that could be perfect.Now it’s time to turn that spark of your story into a flame. You start with a spark, something that will intrigue people. Where, practically, can you go from here?Strive to do your work with gratitude and generosity. He had finally identified what drove him in his business. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. What is love? Once they’re drawn in, it bursts into flame, and then you can fan it with more details about your story until it becomes a fire.The key here is to spark the interest of the person you’re talking to.You want to provide information about yourself in an easily digestible way that intrigues them enough to want to know more.Depending on the circumstances, you might use this when you meet people for the first time or when you have only a short time in which to explain who you are and what you do.So how does this differ from your elevator pitch — your 10- to 30-second spiel about what you do and what your business is about? Below are some good, bad, and controversial words to describe yourself. Chances are that you do too.You don’t need to “find your passion”. Passion is one of those great things in life that have so many meanings (as it’s a different thing for each and every person), and at the same time can’t really be put into words. There’s this general advice that, “Follow your passions and things work out” and I’m just not sure it’s true.Yes, follow your passions, but also do other things right.Without passion, nothing great ever gets built. The upsides for people who can manage it are huge.If you are enamored with the benefits of a pursuit, but cannot work 5 hours a day on it, you are better off exploring other options.…passions are built, but interests are discovered. And it goes wherever you want it to.If you want passion in your life, there is only one way to get it. The interest needs to be there before you can be passionate.Finding the passion and purpose in your life is a trial-by-fire process.You don’t simply wake up one day and become happy doing one thing forever and ever. "There are no words to describe how hard it … You need to strike the right balance.Share your passion story with others. Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. You want to pique people’s interest so they ask you for more information. So it’s worth taking the time to identify what you are passionate about. Otherwise, what’s the point?It’s something you take seriously — it’s deeply important to you, yet you feel intimidated. Let's say a boy loves a girl from the core of his heart. That, like love, is a feeling worth fighting for.Passion is simply an emotional state, and a temporary and unstable one at that.The reason passion gets so much credit is that it helps motivate action. Who actually wants to do that?‘I didn’t have a burning passion to study accounting when I first started out. I don’t know why people want to do it. abstract. Focus on: describing your passion. Try this: I love [describe your passion]. Think about your passion story. But don’t overthink it. Most people aren’t naive enough to believe that they are going to be instantly in love from the first meeting.But at the same time, if you aren’t at least attracted to someone, there is little potential. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. You can put a high priority on any type of passion, from family to fitness or education to the environment.