This app is a joke...stay away from it. There has been many trial and error on my end but Depop’s customer service has been super helpful and responsive. Depop is safe to buy from! Use depop sphock and ebay instead they are so much better Useful. Would highly recommend. I like it, it’s my way to make some money. And obviously, their customer service email doesn't work (no one replies!!!) It took this girl over 10 days to ship which I forgave due to COVID-19, and I hoped that the products would be worth the wait.

Worst customer service ever. Do you agree with Depop’s 4-star rating? Spent hours making my page and adding items for them to shut it. I’ve made so much $$$ from depop that i consider it a second job. I recently used depop and ordered 6 items 2 never shipped and 1 was severely misrepresented.

maybe making a drop down that allows you to sort from oldest to newest listing or maybe more recent listing.

Seller would not answer and Depop would not do anything about it.

Don’t use this app ! It is very hard to get in touch with customer support. There was a scam seller recently who told my niece that they didn’t have PayPal seller account active so they wanted to be paid directly, the seller then refused to send the item paid for and they even blocked my niece and changed their seller name, why does Depop not see this is scam, the same seller is now selling the same item on Depop that was paid for by my niece. keeps me busy during quarantine :) I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to buy clothes to look on here first and also if you want to sell! I used to love Depop but now I absoloutley hate it! Depop is a great app that allows its users access to a wide range of products! Noticed that the shoes were counterfeit. As a depop seller, I love depop, but I feel there are a few features it’s missing. This app is trash and run by lazy people who don't care about your money. After two days we messaged the buyer to look us up on another app and buy it there. This should never occur, and we're always happy to step in when things don't go to plan. However, it can often be difficult to find the items you're looking for as due to the lack of restrictions for listing descriptions, many sellers add words that don't relate to the listing in order to show up in more searches.

And not worth the fees they will charge you to sell. Before this incident, the only bad item I got smelled a little funky and had some holes, but this order so far has been the worst.

Fraud company just read the negative reviews speak for themselves really So many people put items as brands that they are not. It's really frustrating and I feel like a lot more could be done to make this an efficient and high quality app Usually just mentioning another platform or taking a sale off platform Will get you banned or at least a warning. I'm not sure what to do when sellers want me to pay through third party apps or when I see people reselling stuff from aliexpress. Reply. Share.

Feels like it’s in beta. I bought a pair of headphones. Buyers will buy your product, use them and will ask to return back saying the description didn't match. Maybe e the app cuz save our information so we do t have to keep on putting it They make charges against your bank with no explanation. Really nice to see stuff like this when shopping for, I don't know, NOT PORN? Voice your opinion today and hear what 2911 customers have already said. I would really appreciate if Depop would make an explore page that wasn’t just for popular shops, but included smaller ones too. All rights reserved.

When refunding buyers the depop fee isn’t refunded therefore, loss of income. If paypal would be easier to use I would rate depop higher. Useful. i was almost scammed from someone in the app but buy the buyer protection made sure that didn’t happen Super reliable and helpful when needed.
But when you track the tracking number they've signed for the item themselves!An apparent availability of items that were not available elsewhere. Never answer my emails, just disappear. We're really sorry to hear your experience didn't go to plan. We're always happy to step in and help in these cases, and as long as you paid in-app, you're fully protected. Sellers be aware. So if you’re just using the app to buy some high street bargains, the people you buy from will leave you a review.. The customer service is a scam. there was one issue but that was quickly resolved.
If you use this app to sell, please be aware of time-wasters.

if you consistently post its easy money. Like a random ballet or draw everyday where Depop features smaller a sellers. Depop charged 10% selling fee which you have to incur. i also like how i am supporting smaller companies.