In one way or another, looking back it somehow depleted as things do. After 51 years, Fleetwood Mac are still pop’s biggest soap opera. An official member since Future Games, McVie once sang of road weariness in the rollicking  “Homeward Bound” on the Bare Trees album.

Don't Stop is a song by the rock group Fleetwood Mac, written by vocalist and keyboard player Christine McVie. Don't stop, it'll … It was what I wanted to say. By the time Buckingham Nicks joined, famed illustrator Pete Frame had already created one of his signature rock family trees of Fleetwood Mac, a long algorithmic chart detailing the many incarnations of the Mac’s ascendancy, tracing it all back to John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone All I want is to see you smile If it takes just a little while I know you don't believe that it's true I never meant any harm to you Don't stop thinking about tomorrow Don't stop, it'll soon be here It'll be better than before Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone … “There was excitement on the stage tonight,” she told me, over a tall glass of wine backstage in after the show. They occasionally get together and reunite for a tour every few years but have little recorded output in this century.The closest thing we have is the current Buckingham McVie tour fronted by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and keyboardist Christine McVie. Featured on Cover:Fleetwood Mac (Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks). When Stevie and Lindsey came into the band, it was, for sure, a new spirit, that everyone involved picked up on.”Chris was saying something about Fleetwood Mac being the start of a book. You’d think in 2017 there would be pomp and circumstance and planned celebrations. He fanboyed the likes of Elmore James and Robert Johnson in covers of like “Dust My Broom” and “Shake Your Moneymaker.” In Robert Johnson’s “Hellhound On My Trail,” Green opines about keeping moving slowly picking out the son’s piano chords. It’s a journey that never gets old. Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone. The Rolling Stones marked theirs as The group of five today bears little resemblance to Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (as was emblazoned on the cover of the band’s self-titled 1968 album.) McVie came in from the cold after a decade of retirement to rejoin the band in 2012. E D A All I want is to see you smile. But Buckingham’s production and architecture defined the band’s most successful and arguably creative period.Green walked away from both the band and perceived evils of the music business.

Going through the Fleetwood Mac catalgoue is like an archaeological expedition. “I kind of feel like tonight and last night we are getting back into our old form. Buckingham is still out there defending the legacy of Sometimes it seems like legislating the past. When asked at a SiriusXM Town Hall about Fleetwood Mac’s plans McVie said, “Well, we have these two concerts.” She was referring to the bi-coastal Classic West and Classic East extravaganzas in July. Seedy Management From that time there were myriad incarnations of bands that were called Fleetwood Mac. Initially, he mentioned the anniversary late in conversation, almost like an afterthought. It wasn’t embarrassing … it just happened.”“It’s the most positive it has been since the band started,” Mick Fleetwood added as he dropped in, providing the perspective of someone who had seen everything go down in the band’s extensive if not strange history. She too was a veteran of the blues boom and played in the band Chicken Shack before joining Fleetwood Mac with guitarist Bob Welch after original guitarists Green and Jeremy Spencer departed. On their debut tour in 1975, both past and present merged together and hinted at a bright future. Does anybody really care?Old songs tend to drift in and out of our sub-conscious at the most random of times. Maybe it all left you like you were hearing “1977” and the sounds of Joe Strummer snarling from his grave.But McVie couldn’t put it in any context and didn’t refer to the anniversary in her talking points. “We all talked too many hours, each one with each other about everything that was happening.