It was my spark. Two children’s books didn’t impress anyone.

It’s a re-imagining of both. Chris Hadfield - An Astronaut's Advice. Nice combinations btw! Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & Ultrachrome HDR inks. Creativity Educational Inspirational Love Poetry Spiritual Human Rights. Why then are you attached to this pleasure? Keep of the amazing work, and greetings from VenezuelaThis comic scared me to death. Unfortunately I found only 4 verses translated:BTW I’ve sent you an email about Polish translations of your comic strips, but to no response. What a beautiful way to show life’s journey. At the time it struck a cord, since it seemed funny that I stumbled upon such a dark admission from a creative thinker a hundred years ago struggling with the same Mr. Hyde that I was. I met you two years ago when you came to Cambridge, MA. Zen Pencils C.P.

that’s one example of delays and delaying things.A new Zen Pencils kids book is released next week, collecting the best kid-friendly comics of my site into one easy to read book, perfect for story time or the classroom.Just wanted to say I always save my favorite ZenPencils to read later and get inspired. sombrerokiwi liked this . Nice work!You are really gifted my friend. There are few moments in your life when you’ll have discovered something that you know you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. But why don’t you share with us what every single other person besides you seems to have wrong when it comes to understanding what it means?Would you share your understanding of the poem, kind sir? Cavafy ‘ITHAKA’ This is the official Tumblr for ZENPENCILS.COM updated by Gavin Aung Than. Not only did you re-visualize a re-visualization of an epic, but you also made your work epic in its own sense (despite the short space of panels) and made it your own story. That manga taught me a very valuable lesson, that it is the pursuit of romance that is most important, not the destination itself.Beautiful. His stories always end in black misery. IT TENDS TO BECOME BAD HABITSYou nailed it. I am working my way through all of this website. Poe, as many writers during their time, was largely unappreciated but he managed to produce prose that we still read today, and will probably read for many centuries to come. Usually the resistance came from those groups who stood to lose influence, status, money…as a result of the change. 🙂This has touched my heart deeply. from 25.00. Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks.
I don’t have as much time as I thought. or maybe you’re just another mindless troll, not even good for cat food.Exactly the message I needed at this very moment. 😛 The poem’s message is passed successfully I think.This one is amazing, pretty much the key to happiness – no matter what the destination and how large or small it is. I must however, commend you to utmost extremes for being able to visually amplify his writing with an AARGH factor that does great justice to the work of Poe. It will only be for the Australian/New Zealand market initially and hopefully sold to other regions in the future. Cavafy ‘ITHAKA’ Constantino Greek Language World Literature Flipped Classroom Picture Postcards Meaning Of Life Ex Libris Ancient Greece Mythical Creatures I’m excited about that, being able to get out of the house and into the world instead of being holed up like a creepy recluse all the time.Love you and can’t wait to share the new book with you. Many thanks.Truly, this is an epic. Your work is exquisite. It is one of my favorite poems. from 25.00. C.P. Love the typewriter shadow! I gave my sister the book you signed for me, and she ended up buying three of your posters. Life Jacket. It’s so great!As a guy who is currently having problems with his journey in life, your comic inspires me that there are better days ahead. RFK - On the Mindless Menace of Violence. My publisher is really excited about the series and eager to get the first 2 books out as soon as possible, BUT that means they’ve given me a pretty unforgiving deadline and I’m currently smack bang in the writing/penciling stage of Book 1.I’ll also be starting a new teaching job one day a week in October at a local school in Perth, working with kids and teaching them the power of COMICS! C.P. And I hope you continue to do this, even if there are long intervals between the release of different pieces. ?? All Zen Pencils artwork © Gavin Aung Than 2012-2019. I honestly never intended for that to happen, I was just making these comics for myself. Always be Prepared.

CAVAFY: Ithaka” comic postI discovered, to my amazement, that all through history there had been resistance … and bitter, exaggerated, last-stitch resistance … to every significant technological change that had taken place on earth. Have a fresh start.BEWARE OF PROCRASTINATION WORDS “LATER”-“AFTERWORDS” ETC. ???? Thanks.This has stirred up emotion in me that I have not felt for years. Transcript: LIFE'S TREASURE ITHAKA TROY Zen Pencils presents… ITHAKA A poem by CONTANTINE P. CAVAFY Translated from the original Greek by Edmund Keeley & Philip Sherrard As you set out for Ithaka…