The film depicts him as a possible identity to the Jigsaw and the main antagonist, until the truth in the climax is revealed. It was revealed by his own individual test in the house that he was a sociopathic drug dealer who was framed by Detective Eric Matthews. Tapp came to their aid which allowed Zep to escape. After shooting Tapp in his stomach, he proceeded to the bathroom, where he found Adam and Lawrence. When his magazine was empty, he charged at Zep, who incapacitated him by smashing a glass vase on Tapp's head and fled to go after Gordon. " It's the rules. "

He was portrayed by Michael Emerson, who also played Benjamin Linus in Los… Friends. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. He was orderly who worked in the hospital where John Kramer was being treated for his cancer. At one point in the game, Dr. Gordon found a cellphone. Zep Hindle is a character and possibly secondary antagonist in Saw. After failing to complete their respective tasks by the deadline they were confronted by Zep Hindle, an orderly from Dr. Gordon hospital.

Unfortunately, she was distracted by her daughter, giving Zep the chance to attack her.
Zep Hindle is the central antagonist of the 2004 horror-thriller film Saw. While holding him at gunpoint, she forced him to shove the phone to her so she could talk to Lawrence. His name is seen on a document (which had a list of Jigsaw victims on it) viewed by Peter Strahm However, before doing so, he called Gordon again and forced Alison to tell him that he had failed. Though before he can shoot Lawrence, Adam, who didn't die as he was shot in the shoulder, pulls him to the ground and beats him to death with the ceramic slab that originally was place over the back of the toilet. Zep and Tapp fought in the sewers where Zep shot him and left him for dead. Zep fleed down to the sewers to kill Lawrence, pursued by Tapp, and the two engaged in a brief fight. As he greatly enjoyed to frighten them, he mentally tortured them. Kidnap Alison and Diane Gordon to force Lawrence Gordon to carry out Jigsaw's games He was portrayed by Michael Emerson, who also played Zep worked as an orderly at the hospital where John Kramer attended his cancer treatment. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

Dr. Gordon, who had become one of Jigsaw's accomplices on his own after surviving his test, returned to the bathroom after abducting Zep and the captivity of Gordon's family were also mentioned in the documentary Zep Hindle was a compassionate worker at the Angel of Mercy Hospital, who deeply cared for the patients and often listened to them when they needed someone to talk. He was portrayed by Michael Emerson in the movies and voiced by Jeff Shuter in Saw: Rebirth. Unlike the uncaring doctors (nobly John's own doctor Lawrence Gordon) Zep was far more sympathetic and invested his time in listening to John, something in which he was subtly mocked at by Gordon himself in front of medical students. Noch kein Eintrag oder rassenlos (kein Bonus) Keine Resistenz. When Lawrence failed to cut off his foot in time, Zep prepared to kill Alison and Diane for his failings. Xavier Chavez was a drug dealer, "offering hope to the desperate for a price". However, Adam suddenly sprang to life and pulled Zep to the floor, beating him to death with a toilet lid after a brief scuffle. At the same moment, David Tapp, who had heard the gunshots, stormed into the apartment and opened fire on Zep while the hostages escaped the scene. Lawrence failed, but his wife and daughter managed to escape from Zep before he could kill them, as Zep was attacked by David Tapp, a former detective who was watching the Gordon's home from across the street.