What kind of insane drug launches you back into the pirate era of ye olde England, or Spain in Angelica's case? Most people will watch it thinking about how it lacks the energy, sophistication and talent of all the fantastic crime films it so crudely rips off. [after snorting line of cocaine] 


When George moves west to California in the late '60s, accompanied by best pal Tuna (Ethan Suplee), he becomes an entrepreneur in the marijuana business, which soon spreads to the East Coast as well, with girlfriend Barbara (Franka Potente) smuggling the product during her stewardess shifts. Demme's directing is also very good, and focuses on the personal toll that the lifestyle had on Jung, instead of glamourizing it.

I know it doesn't sound that bad, but the shift is so startlingly abrupt that if feels like you're watch an entirely different film all of a sudden, and to make matters worse, they cover so much ground in such little, slowly-paced time that when it does make those shifts, the extreme sentimentality finds itself so tainted by your sense of time that the change feels climactic, and before you know it, the film is ending thirty minutes after it started, and then it starts all over again, only with an entirely new set of characters, because something else that's inconsistent about this film is its character focus. [Narrating, while watching his daughter being born]  This poorly constructed narrative results with sorely limited characterisation; some seemingly important characters coming and going within ten minutes, it's a total mess. A boy named George Jung grows up in a struggling family in the 1950's.

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Here's the latest on the Arrowverse's newest series Written by David McKenna and Nick Cassavetes.

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[scene shift to interior Derek's bar surrounded by stacks of cash]  The Umbrella Academy cast is large (Luther especially), in charge (Number Five especially) and boy have they been in a lot of stuff (Ellen Page especially).

Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Ray Liotta lead the cast and give excellent performances. Blow isn't really a classic, but it's a sobering story well-told. Right up there with Scarface in terms of "drug trade crime films." Oh wait, I think that might just Pee-wee Herman, but eitherway, the sight of Paul Reubens going around talking about Barbie, Ken and weed isn't the only making this film well worth the watch.

Awesome, awesome movie. [outside a courthouse] 

| Rating: 4/5 Blow Cast and Crew "Based on a True Story."

[George puts gun to Diego's head]  Hear Us Out: Ben Affleck Is One of the Most Under-Appreciated – And Fiercely Talented – Actors Of His Generation

[first lines] [They all laugh again] 

How do you plead?